Cough during pregnancy



        A woman has to face many problems if she becomes the victim of cough during pregnancy.

Cause of cough during pregnancy:

       A pregnant woman suffers from cough due to excessive cold. First, the pregnant woman should try to get rid of her constipation. After that, she should take natural treatment to get rid of cough.

Treatment of cough during pregnancy by naturopathy:

  • The pregnant woman should drink one or two glass of water on stale mouth in the morning. By doing so, she does not become the victim of constipation and she gets rid of cough too.
  • The woman should keep fast for one or two days on fruits. The woman starts to get rid of cough by doing so.
  • The pregnant woman, victim of cough, should walk on an open place.
  • The victim of cough should take hipbath (Kati-Snan) and thereafter, she should take enema. Then, start the treatment according to naturopathy. Thus, cough is cured within some days.