Large bowel is responsible to absorb water and to pass the stool out. Watery food substance and fibrous meal are essential for the proper work of large bowel or intestine. Fibrous food substance gives pressure in the activity of large intestine. Several kinds of disease appear if there is any kind of obstruction in its activity. Such diseases are as loose motions, constipation, stomachache, etc.    

         Sometimes, swelling comes in the large intestine because of any kind of obstruction in it and it is called colitis. There are two kinds of this disease- mucus and ulcerative. Any person can become the victim of this disease. The patient of this disease starts to suffer from inflammation in the mucus membrane and swelling comes in his intestines. In this disease, the patient evacuates bloody and phlegmatic stool. The weight of the patient starts to loose day by day due to this disease.

Treatment of colitis in naturopathy:

  • For the treatment of colitis, the patient should take simple and easily digestive food at least 3-6 months to keep the digestion system far from any kind of pressure. This is the reason that the patient should take easily digestive food. Heavy food should not be taken at nay rate.
  • The patient should take boiled vegetables, pulse, rice, papaya, banana etc.
  • He should drink coconut water in the morning and evening for the treatment of colitis. Its use provides lots of relief.
  • The patient should apply a wet bandage on the stomach for at least thrice a day and follow this rule for at least three months regularly. In this way, the patient gets rid of this disease.
  • The patient should drink water on large scale everyday. He should do such exercise which makes a person active.
  • Mix whey in water properly. The patient should adopt enema with this preparation to cleanse the stomach and to get rid of colitis soon.


       The disease named colitis disappears by doing the treatment according to naturopathy as mentioned above.