Chromo Therapy



       The main (true) source of all the powers, that protect human life, is only ‘The Sun’. ‘Suryo Hi Bhutanamayuh’. If there is no existence of sun, no any human on this earth can live even for seconds. The sunrays are also important for life. When these rays fall on body, even the biggest disease is eliminated (cured).

        By the influence of sunrays, the bacteria responsible for diseases in body are killed (destroyed). The ways about curing diseases by sun are also described in Arthaveda-

Ma Te Pran Up Dasanmo Apanoapi Aayi Te.

Suryastavadhipatimrityorudayachhatu Rashmibhih.


        O human (living creature)! You do not get destruction of your life and your breathing system does not stop (stopping of inhaling and exhaling). The God (Sun) keep you high by their powerful rays. Do not allow to lose your health (body) and vital power of your body.

        The sun influences much on the body and soul of every human. Doctors say that all types of diseases can be cured by taking sunrays. In Yazurveda, it has scripted that the God is named as ‘Sun’ due to having light and being the soul of all living creature and substances. In Vedas, the sun has called life giver.   

        The power, obtained from the sun, fulfils deficiency of tiny requirements (diet); increases vital power and removes various diseases. Besides them, this energy ends neuralgic weakness; makes the muscles strong; makes the bones strong after balancing calcium and phosphorus; provides healthiness to the skin; give strength to the digestive systems and excretory functions. The brain and body grow with the help of sunrays. These rays kill the bacteria responsible for different diseases. That is the reason why the people of those houses, where sunlight is not able to enter, become the victim of many diseases. 

Processes (methods) of taking sunrays:-

Sun view-

  • All types of eyes diseases are eliminated by looking at red rays of the sun at the time of rising in the morning. Eyesight increases by looking at sun shade falling in the river or pond.
  • In the morning, we should pour a small pot of water in front of sun as stream and see the sun across the water. It helps in elimination of physical and mental diseases.


  • For sunbath, we should take sunrays directly on our body with sitting and lying on a place where sunlight falls enough after putting a piece of wet cloth on the head and wearing only one cloth on the body.  
  • If there is no place available for women to take this bath, it is beneficial to sit or lie under sunlight after putting on the thinnest cloth on her body.
  • While taking this bath, we should always careful that our head should have in shade or a wet towel should be kept on head. This bath should be taken at the time of sunrise to 9 o’clock in the morning.
  • Minimum period of time for taking sunbath must be 15 minutes and maximum must be 30 minutes. After this bath, we should take cold shower with fresh water after rubbing the body with a towel.


        By taking sunbath regularly, diseases like- tooth disease, lack of appetite, bones weakness and diseases related to muscles are cured.

Oil massage in sunlight-

        A person should massage his body with sesamum or mustard oil minimum once in a week. While massaging any body part, it should be moved towards heart with pressure.    

Color therapy-

Normally sunlight is white in appearance (color), but actually it made up of seven colors of rays-

Red                                  Orange

Yellow                              Green

Purple                               Blue

Sky blue-

  • When any particular color is increased and decreased in the body, disease related to that color is occurred.
  • In above said colors, all types of medicinal properties are found. The benefits of it can be gotten by taking
  • After mixing it in water, honey, ghee, oil, etc.


        For preparation of different colors of water, honey, ghee, oil, etc., fill them in the bottles of their color up to ¾ part and close them with a cork after fixing cotton. Now, this bottle should be kept on wooden bench or stool (having no any coats of paint or polish) in sunlight from morning to evening. During this process, we should shake the bottle daily and should also change cotton. If a particular color of bottle is not available, wrap a piece of transparent paper of that color on a white bottle.

  • This prepared water can be used up to 3 days. Ghee and oil can be used up to one year.
  • Water can be prepared daily (in one day), honey in 15 days, ghee and oil takes one and half month.
  • Oil should be used locally (externally) only.
  • Ghee is used for massaging of the spinal cord or in the eyes.

The influence of different colors and their usage-


  • Red color is too hot. It is very useful when the body is turned into cold, yellow, blue. It is also very effective in different diseases occurring due to cold and in providing life on the dead parts of the body. It should be used externally only.
  • In the case of impotency, applying oil of red bottle on the penis eliminates impotency.
  • In joints pain, massaging the affected part with this oil ends pain.
  • By applying red oil, boils are matured.
  • In the case of chilblains in winter, it is cured by applying red oil on the affected part.
  • Massaging with red oil on the chest is beneficial in chronic cough, asthma, pneumonia, etc.
  • Due to deficiency of red color in the body, diseases like- lethargy, over sleep, lack of appetite, constipation, etc.
  • Due to excessiveness of red color in the body, diseases like- syphilis, lack of sleep, watery loose motions, etc.
  • Massaging with red oil is very effective in the pain of waist and neck.


  • Orange color is hot lesser than red color. It stimulates nerves and blood.
  • Orange color is very useful for asthma patient.
  • This color makes hunger fast and ends joints pain.


  • Yellow color is less hot than orange color. It causes happy mind.
  • It also acts like purgative due to which stools and urine come clearly.
  • This color makes the brain, liver and spleen as strong.
  • It makes the dull brain sharp and also useful in paralysis.
  • By applying yellow ghee in the eyes, burning of the eyes and redness of the eyes are cured and eyesight enhances.


  • Green color is neither too hot nor too cold. This color provides coldness to the eyes.
  • This color is very beneficial in hysteria and vaginal burning of fair sexes.
  • If a person is suffering from leakage of his sperm, giving green light in the section below the spinal cord with massaging with green oil is very effective.
  • This color acts effectively in the cases like- any type of fever, blowing boils, wounds, sinus, fistula and skin diseases, etc.
  • It is also very beneficial in typhoid, measles, eyes diseases, diabetes, cough, catarrh, piles, etc.


  • Purple color is cold. It helps in sound sleep.
  • In lungs T.B., purple color acts very effectively.
  • By the influence of purple color, R.B.C. is increased in blood.


  • Blue color is colder than purple color.
  • It eliminates fever, makes the nerves strong and calms down frequent thirst.
  • Blue color is beneficial in stomach diseases, vaginal burning and leucorrhea.
  • In any trouble of throat, gargling with blue water is beneficial.

Sky blue-

        Sky blue is very cold. It provides relief in troubles caused by heat and burning and has anti-septic properties. This color enhances neuralgic strength and eliminates all types of fever; stops bleeding; provides benefits in profuse menstrual flow, cholera, etc. it quenches thirst and is beneficial in stimulation of the stomach. It ends head and hairs diseases.


        This color should not be used in rheumatism, gastric, paralysis, constipation, etc.

Sky blue oil-

  • Massing on the chest with sky blue oil provides strength to the heart.
  • In the case of headache due to heat, massaging with sky blue oil is beneficial. It makes hairs long, black and soft.
  • By massaging on the lower abdomen, menstrual flow of a woman is decreased. This oil also ends hysteria of a woman.

Sky blue ghee-

  • In the case of mouth blisters, applying sky blue ghee provides relief.
  • By massaging on the spinal cord, neuralgic strength is increased.

How much charged water should be drunk according to age-


Period of time


From birth to one month

At the intervals of every 2-2 hours

Half tea spoon

From first month to third month    

At the intervals of every 2-2 hours

Three fourth of tea spoon     

From third month to one year

At the intervals of every 2-2 hours     

A tea spoon (full)

First year to fifth year

At the intervals of every 2-2 hours

4 tea spoons

Fifth year to tenth year

At the intervals of every 3-3 hours

Half small bowl

After 15 years

At the intervals of every 4-4 hours

One small bowl (full)

Observing (getting) sunrays through (with the help of) clothes-

        Every people should wear always white clothes on their body through which sunrays can fall on the body. In a particular disease, the color that provides benefits, they should wear the clothes of that color.    

Methods for charging water by sunrays-

        A white bottle of glass should be filled about ¾ with fresh water and should be closed with a wooden cork. After closing, the bottle should be kept on a wooden table or stool under sunlight. After about 7-8 hours, water is turned into medicine after charging by sunrays and healing properties of minerals, chemical, vitamin, etc. are developed in it. Water should be prepared in different colors of bottle, but it should be remembered that the shade of one bottle should not be fallen on other bottle.    

  • When water drops appeared on the empty space of bottle, it should be considered that water has charged and has been ready for use. After sunset, bottle should be kept in the house and allow it to cold by itself. After that, this charged water can be used up to 3 days. This water should be given in chronic diseases 3 times a day in the quantity of 25 cc. it should be given as 25 cc at an interval of every 2-2 hours in dangerous diseases; 25 cc at an interval of every one and half hour in fever and cholera. The water orange bottle should be taken after 15 minutes of taking breakfast or meals. The water of blue and green bottle should be always taken in empty stomach, its main function is to remove out morbid material from the body and purify blood.
  • If a person wants to drink charged water as tonic, we should prepare water in white bottle of glass. Washing hairs with this water makes them shine and hair falling is also ended.


  • For charging water by sunrays, glass bottle should be always used, but do not use plastic bottles.
  • Glass bottle should be closed with wooden cork.
  • Such bottle should be chosen, the water or oil of that color has to prepare.
  • If colorful bottle is not available, wrap required colorful cellophane paper on the bottle and tied it. But when the color of paper is faded, change it.
  • The bottle should be cleaned well with hot water and dry before using it. Any other paper should not be stuck on the bottle except required paper.
  • The bottle should be always kept on wooden piece, but not on ground (floor).
  • This bottle should be kept under sunlight from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Water is charged in only 8 hours and can be used up to 3 days.
  • Oil takes about 40 days for charging and can be used up to 6 months. After 6 months, if it kept in sunlight again, it is charged again.  
  • The bottle should not be filled more than ¾ part of it.
  • It should not be kept covered with cloth.

Methods for charging oil by sunrays-

        First of all, fill the required color of dry and clean glass bottle with coconut or mustard oil about ¾ in it and closed it tightly and keep this bottle on any wooden bench or stool under sunlight. It should be kept under sunlight daily for 7-8 hours daily. This bottle should be cleaned with a piece of dry cloth from outside. The bottle should be shaking well 2 times a day daily. Oil is charged by keeping it up to 40 days in summer and 60 days in winter. Massaging with this oil regularly, the skin becomes soft and shiny and weak bones become strong. In rheumatism or joints pain, massaging the affected part with this oil is very beneficial. Massaging with oil of red bottle is the best and oil of green bottle is better for brain and hairs. Both massaging with oil and using soap should not be done same day. We should massage with this oil 2 times in a week. As far as possible, we should massage with oil in between 8 to 9 o’clock in the morning and after massage, we should remain in the same position under sunlight up to 10-15 minutes and then cold shower should be taken. While lying under sunlight, we should close our eyes so that sunrays are not able to harm them.