Carbuncle is such kind of abscess involving several hair follicles. This abscess occurs on the neck, back, lips, forehead and thighs. It can be in the form of troublesome abscess. The patient suffers very much when carbuncle appears on the face or forehead. People above 40-42 years suffer from this disease. Mostly, diabetic people become the victim of this disease.    

Identification of carbuncle:

        First, a small lump occurs on the disease affected part before the appearance of carbuncle. Thereafter, black shadow comes on that part. Swelling comes on lump slowly along with pain and inflammation. Many mouths start to appear on the lump and watery substance starts to come out from its mouths. The patient feels excessive weakness and sometimes, he suffers from fever too.

Natural treatment of carbuncle:

  • First, keep fast by drinking lemon juice mixed water for 2-3 days regularly. The patient should drink juice of fruits too. He should adopt anima with lukewarm water to cleanse the stomach along with the treatment. Thereafter, the patient should take simple food until the disease is cured. He should keep cold bandage on the disease affected portion once in a week. He should take steam bath. Carbuncle is cured within some days.    
  • The patient should not take sugar, salt and intoxicating foodstuff because the disease can reach in worse condition by the use of these things. 
  • The patient should drink at least 25 ml water of green colored bottle that has been kept in sunlight. He should drink this water eight times in a day. Continue natural treatment. The patient gets rid of this disease soon.