The patient of dyspepsia becomes the victim of several other diseases too and this disease is known by many different names as indigestion, anorexia and lack of digestion power. This disease can be cured by nature therapy.

Cause of dyspepsia:

          Constipation of the stomach is the chief cause of the origin of the disease named dyspepsia.

Symptoms of dyspepsia:

         Meal taken by the patient of dyspepsia does not digest properly. He feels sour belching and his stomach starts to bloat. The patient feels light pain in the stomach and he suffers from inflammation in his throat and heart. Besides these, water starts to come out from the mouth and the patient feels nausea. Heart pulsation and process of evacuation of stool stop. Besides it, mental disturbances, nervousness and anorexia etc. are other symptoms of this disease.

Treatment of dyspepsia by nature therapy:

  • The patient of this disease should drink lemon (kagzi) juice mixed water in the beginning of three days along with fast. Or he should drink only juice of fruits for some days regularly.
  • Excessive use of the juice of orange, carrot and tomato cures the disease named dyspepsia.
  • The patient of this disease should take less meal than need for 4-5 days regularly. He should eat one sweet apple or red tomato in the morning, any boiled vegetable at noon and juice of carrot, tomato or pineapple in the evening. He should take boiled vegetable or juice of above mentioned things. The patient should adopt enema with lukewarm water during this treatment. The disease is cured within some days by this treatment.
  • The patient should keep fast for some days. Thereafter, he should take simple food and the food which enhances digestion power. The patient should do some light exercises too during this treatment.
  • The patient should take dry friction bath for the treatment of this disease. Light exercises are very beneficial for the patient. If dyspepsia is normal, it will be cured by this treatment but if it is chronic and serious, it will take long time in treatment.

Treatment of Chronic and serious dyspepsia by nature therapy:

  • The patient should take Epsom salt bath according to nature therapy. (The patient should take bath by mixing salt in the water. it is called Epsom salt bath.) Immerse a towel in hot water and foment the muscles of the stomach with this towel for some minutes regularly. With this process, the patient should foment the muscles of his stomach by drenching towel in cold water for 3-4 minutes while fomenting with hot water. The disease is cure soon by doing treatment.  
  • Paste of wet soil should be applied on the lower abdomen of the patient of dyspepsia for the treatment of this disease.
  • A bandage of wet soil should be applied on the waist of the patient according to nature therapy.
  • Mix one lemon (kagzi) in one glass of cold water and drink before 30 minutes of taking meal. The disease dyspepsia is cured by doing so.
  • If the disease is very serious, a wet bed sheet should be wrapped around the body of patient. Thereafter, steam bath should be given to him. The disease is cured soon by this treatment.
  • The patient should take colic bath and cold sitz bath. Thereafter, take cold and hot colic bath. Bathing this way proves very beneficial.  
  • The patient should take hot colic bath for 5 minutes and after that take cold colic bath for 3 minutes regularly. This process should be adopted at least 3-4 times in a day.
  • The patient gets rid of dyspepsia soon if he does Dhanuraasna or Utthan Padaasan.
  • The patient of dyspepsia become well soon if he takes 25 ml water of blue bottle that has been kept in sunlight for many days. The patient should drink this water four times a day.