Fomentation with hot water


       Giving hot water with the help of a piece of cloth, sponge, a bottle or rubber bag, etc. on any body part, is called ‘Hot Fomentation’. Normally, a piece of 3-4 folded soft cloth is used for this purpose. Cloth should be too long and wide according to need. The place to be fomented is as much wide as 8-10 times wider place should be fomented. Before fomenting any part of the body, it should be checked that his hands and legs are not cold and additional blood is not present in his head. If anyone of both troubles is found, first of all, wrap his head with a towel soaked in cold water after washing his head with cold water and then fomentation should be given. Sometimes, rub coconut oil or any good quality Vaseline on the place that is to be fomented and that part should be fomented after keeping a piece of cloth on the skin of that place. If we follow such precaution, there is no any possibility of harmful effects while hot fomenting. A piece of cloth soaked in hot water should be put on the fomented part so that blisters did not able to appear. This type of fomentation can be given to the patient 2-3 times a day according to need. It should be continued without any break otherwise it does not provide any benefit.

       Fomentation given with a piece of cloth soaked in hot water after squeezing is called ‘Wet Fomentation’. It acts like vapor bath in many body organs. Fomentation giving with a bottle or rubber bad filled with hot water is called ‘Dry Fomentation’. The function of both types of fomentation is to provide heat to the skin. Like the other use of heat, fomentation also provides stimulation to the body. Fomentation for a long time is beneficial in pain, burning sensation and provides mental relief. When fomentation is given for long time as in case of violent pain, it is necessary to wipe the fomented part with cold water for 1-2 minute at an interval of every half an hour or using cold bandage on that part and then fomentation should be started again, because the skin become weak by fomentation continuously that is necessary to make it strong by giving coldness. If sweating starts after fomentation, the entire body should be wiped immediately with a towel soaked in cold water and the patient should be made as lying down to provide heat again in his body by covering a blanket on him. Warmth comes again in his body.       

        After fomentation, wipe the fomented part with a piece of cloth wetted with cold water and keep this cloth on that place and then it should be tied after covering a piece of dry falalen cloth on it for minutes. It is very beneficial especially in the case of pneumonia, pleurisy, etc.                     


        Fomenting the skin with dry cotton, cloth or with the help of palms by heating on the fire is very harmful. So, this type of fomentation should not be given to the patient.   

Benefits by fomentation with hot water:-

        All types of pain are eliminated by fomentation and it is more useful than all types of world famous plasters and ointment. Fomentation ends swelling and generates sweat due to which the wastes fluid of our body comes out with sweat. It generates stimulation in the muscles and body elements are activated after becoming strong.     

        Fomentation with hot water is also beneficial in different cases like- internal injuries of our body, chest pain due to cold, pain in the eyes, stomachache, liver swelling, swelling of female or male genitals, swelling of the shoulders, hernia, toothache, gums swelling, tonsillitis, swelling of the palate, stone pain, glands disease, nerves pain and swelling, swelling of the wind pipe, asthma, hoarseness, sciatica, strain, lumbago, earache, initial stage of boils and pimples, enlargement of the heart, chronic phlegm, headache, migraine, diphtheria, fever (comes monthly), bloody piles, swelling of the testicles, indigestion, retention of urine, painful menses, ringworms, itching sensation, pimples, etc.   

Types of Fomentation:-

Three types of fomentation are used to cure different diseases of our body:-

1. Hot fomentation.

2. Hot-cold fomentation.

3. Prawahika fomentation.

Hot fomentation (full body):-

Hot fomentation is also known as hot or warm wrapping. Following things are needed for it-

  • A big piece of plastic.
  • Half bucket of cold water.
  • 2 pieces of big spoon.
  • Long blanket (which can be used for wrapping the body 3-4 times)
  • Half bucket of boiled water.
  • A piece of big towel.
  • 3-4 pieces of hot iron sheet.

          For this purpose, first of all, a big piece of plastic should be lay down then spread 2-3 thick blankets on it and the patient should be made as lying down on it. After that, a blanket should be wrapped on his body after wetting it along with keeping hot pieces of iron sheet on the affected part and then blanket, spread under, should be wrapped over him. All these activities should be done fast so that hot wetted blanket should not able to cool down. In this condition, the patient should lye down minimum for 15 to 30 minutes. After it, a cold fomentation should be given to the patient after removing blankets from his body. While doing such activities, the patient’s body should be protected from cold air.

        This type of fomentation ends body disorders, body weakness and makes the heart strong and powerful. 

Hot fomentation (local):-

This type of fomentation is called ‘Hot fomentation for local pain’. It is done by following way:-

          For this purpose, first of all, 2-3 litres of boiled water should be kept in a utensil of wide mouth. For making water as hot for a long time, it should be kept on flame. Take a piece of thick flalane or woolen clothe or a soft towel and immerse it in hot water by holding its both ends. When towel is soaked in hot water completely, it should be kept in the other tub of water and then should be squeezed. Now, open and spread it on the part on which fomentation is to be fomented. This activity should be done again and again and then the fomented part should be wiped with a towel soaked in cold water. This type of fomentation is very beneficial in all types of body pain and ends all types of swelling. It makes pulse rate and blood circulation as fast. It helps in opening hairs pores and clotted blood is melted and ends organs pain.

Fomentation by bottled filling with hot water in it:-

        First of all, 3 bottles should be filled with hot tolerable water and close their mouth well with corks. A blanket should be spread (covered) over the patient after putting 2 bottles on his chest or stomach and third bottle in between both his legs. After it, sweating starts from his body. This type of fomentation is very beneficial in malaria fever and stomachache. If these bottles are too hot, it should be wrapped in a piece of flalene or woolen cloth and then it should be kept as attaching to the body.

Fomentation by rubber bag filled with hot water:-

        This type of fomentation is done as same as bottles fomentation.

Hot-cold fomentation:-

        When a particular organ is fomentation for certain period of time with hot and cold water one after another is called ‘Hot-cold fomentation’. It should be started with hot fomentation and ended with cold fomentation. By this type of fomentation, the blood vessels of the patient keep on expanding and contracting frequently by that crop of, waste (poisonous) fluid of obsessed organs comes out from the body and he becomes healthy.

        This type of fomentation is very beneficial in the swelling and pain of the body, matured boils, paralysis, numbness of the organs, swelling of the chest and abdomen, chronic pleurisy, unconsciousness by taking liquor, due to gases, by drowning in water, stomach ulcers, neuralgic pain, spleen diseases, etc.

Prawahika fomentation:-

        Actually, it is also a type of hot-cold fomentation. Main difference in them are- in it, cold fomentation is given for little while (about 1 minute) and hot fomentation is given for much time (about 4-5 minutes). In this way, giving this type of fomentation minimum 3 times is good for health.

        It also provides such benefits that get from hot-cold fomentation.