Nature and human being


          A man does not suffer from any kind of disease if he lives his life according the rules of the nature. It is also true that health is the biggest money in this world. This thing cannot be purchased at any rate. Keeping healthy to our body is our religion. If we keep our body healthy, we get real pleasure of life.


          We should take food according to our interest, digestive power and economical condition. We should include all the elements in our meal. Pay too much attention while cooking food. Green vegetables should be washed before cutting. If we washes green vegetables after cutting, all the nutritive elements and vitamins mingle in water and disappear from the vegetables. In this way, pulses and rice should clean without water. Both these things should not be washed at any rate. Use spices in less quantity while cooking vegetables. Too much spicy and fatty food is harmful for good health. Cow milk is very beneficial in the point of view of health. Milk of goat is beneficial too. Mother milk is the best food for the infants. We should take always fresh and hot food.  

Water and bathing:

        Bathing is very useful for health. We should take bath with clean and fresh water regularly. Body should be cleansed properly by a soft and clean towel after taking bath.


          Breathing is very essential for us. Several kinds of germs enter into our body through breathing. Hence, we should live in a neat and clean place. Rooms of the house should be airy and full of light. Ventilator and windows should be open while sleeping at night. We should pay attention while manufacturing houses that sunlight may reach in the homes properly. Sleeping or sitting under the tree at night is harmful for health.

Exercise and walking:

        Walking and exercising is very beneficial for our health.  Body remains healthy and active if a person walks and does exercise in the morning. We should massage our body with oil before exercise. Body gets lots of power by doing so.


          Sound sleep is very essential for good health too. According to scholars, persons above 40 years should sleep for 6-7 hours. Young boys and girls should sleep for 8-9 hours. Ten to twelve hours’ sleeping is good for small children. According to nature, we should awake in brahammuhart in the morning (after four o clock). Wind blows from the south direction everyday. This wind ends all kinds of diseases and makes us healthy.


          We should wear such kinds of clothes, which may save us from cold and heat. We should wear clean clothes according to weather. Change clothes twice a week necessarily. Bed should be neat and clean. Wet and tight clothes are harmful for our body.

Evacuation of excretion:

          We should evacuate stool everyday. Velocity of urine and stool never should be suppressed. We should clean our clothes properly in the morning. Clean your tongue and throat properly. Mucus does not make in the nose if it is cleaned regularly.

Ideas and habits:

          We should adopt good habits for the safety of health. We should keep good ideas in our mind and we should study good books. We should avoid from bad games, playing cards, yoking, adult novel and other bad things. We should not live in the company of bad people. Many persons feel sexual urge because of the use of wine, biri, cigarette, Intoxicating hemp, tea, coffee, opium and other things. In this case, children want to adopt masturbation and adult want to make sexual relation because of the use of above-mentioned things. Our health becomes disturbed because of this reason. Hence, we should remain far from such bad habits. If we have a bad habit, we should give up that soon.

Causes, symptoms and kinds of the diseases:

          Ayurveda is a kind of epic, which gives information about diseases and how to make a man healthy.

       Health of our body is the symbol of this thing that all the bodily systems and elements have been working well naturally. Disturbances and obstruction in such kinds of systems is called disease. We cannot understand the diseases until we have sufficient knowledge about our body structure.

Diseases have been divided into several systems according to their symptoms, causes and their states:

Organic disease:

          A disease in which there is a deficiency in the structure of any element of the body.

Functional disease:

          A disease in which there is a difference in working of any element but there is no difference in its structure.

Acute disease:

          The diseases with too much fierce and danger symptoms and such kinds of diseases remain in our body for sometime.

Chronic disease:

          Chronic diseases are those old diseases that have not fierce and danger symptoms.

Local disease:

          Local disease is a disease, which remains in any one organ of our body and any element of the body.

General disease:

          The disease, which affects our all the organs of our body is general disease. Such kinds of diseases are called general diseases.

Periodical disease:

          All the diseases which has a definite period and there is a definite difference between two periods are called periodical diseases.

Contagious disease:

          Contagious diseases are the diseases, which spread one person to another person. In allopath, such kinds of diseases are called infectious disease.

Hereditary disease:

          This disease runs from generation to generation and it reaches in the children through parents. Such kinds of diseases can take birth in another generation leaving first one.

Endemic disease:

The diseases, which are found in a special country and place, are called endemic diseases.

Epidemic disease:

          A disease, which takes a large number of people in its grasp and spreads like wind is called epidemic disease.

Diseases have been divided into three sections:

  • New disease
  • old disease
  • medicine oriented diseases

New disease:

          The diseases, which take birth due to eating habits, air, weather changing, hard working, living style, bad and good ideas and other cause are counted in new diseases. Such kinds of diseases are cured by following some precautions. Second kinds of new diseases are which take birth due to entering any kind of poison and seeds of any disease as chicken pox, plague, cholera and other infectious disease. There is no problem in the preliminary stage of such kinds of diseases but in the second stage, several problems take birth and the patient suffers a lot. The disease reaches on its climax in the second stage. Thereafter, third stage of this disease comes.

Chronic disease:

          The patient suffers throughout his life due to chronic disease. Such diseases are heridatry, which runs from one generation to another. Spermatorrhoea and syphilis are such kinds of fatal diseases. Origin of the disease is the first stage of this disease and disease enhances in the second stage. Such kind of patient does not get relief throughout life until he gets adequate and proper treatment.

Diseases, which take birth because of the use of medicines:

          Such kinds of diseases occur because of the use of wine, intoxicating hemp, opium and other intoxicating medicines. Thinking power of a man reduces by the use of such things. People suffer from enlargement of liver and the disease become chronic.

Cause of the disease:

          When a man suffers from any disease, there is one cause of the origin of disease necessarily. Disease does not ‍‌‍occur in the body without cause. Hence, the causes of the disease should be destroyed before the treatment.

There are two main causes of the diseases in our body:

1. Predisposing

2. remote causes

          These are the causes, which prepare our body to the welcome of diseases. Causes of the disease make change in any body organs structure and its working before the appearance of disease and after sometime that body organ becomes disease affected. 

Exciting causes:

          These causes excite our body to get disease viz our body becomes disease affected due to these causes. There are three main causes of the appearance of disease in our body.

1. Internal causes

2. External causes

3. Especial causes

Internal causes:

          Internal cause of any disease is present‍ in the nature of a man. This thing depends on 6 important things as condition, gender (male or female), physical structure, nature, hereditary and other.

External causes:

          Causes of disease in our body depend on the external elements. There are six kinds of such kinds of causes as atmosphere, cleanliness, language, clothes, country and nature.

Special cause:

  • There are several kinds of causes in special cause of the disease.
  • Poison as-Sankhiya, lad, copper and phosphorus
  • Acid as nitre and sulphur
  • Biting of poisonous insects or stinking as snake, scorpion and hydrophobia.
  • Several kinds of bacteria become the cause of the origin of many diseases after entering into our body. For example- different kinds of bacteria
  • Intestines worms  

Symptoms of disease:

          Each disease has different kinds of symptoms. Such symptoms have different kinds.

Natural symptoms:

          Natural symptoms are the symptoms, which is related to our whole body and are present in our whole body as fever.

Local symptoms:

          Local symptoms of the disease are those, which relates to our any special portion of the body as pain in any special body organ.

Objective symptoms:

          Objective symptoms can be identified easily by the doctor as swelling and redness.

Subjective symptoms:

          Such kinds of symptoms can be felt only by the patient.

Direct r or idiopathic symptoms:

          Such kinds of symptoms are found on the disease-affected organs of the body as painful inflammation, etc.

Indirect or sympathetic symptoms:

          Such kinds of symptoms are found on other body organ far from the disease-affected organ of the body as pain the kidney.

Premonitory symptoms:

Such kinds of symptoms are the symptoms, which appear if any disease appears as giddiness in the old age.

Pathognomonic symptoms:

          Definite symptoms of any disease come into pathognomonic symptoms.