Natural health



          If a person is physically, mentally and spiritually healthy, it is called natural health.


  • Below mentioned method are used to know whether a person is health or not -
  • A person who take sound sleep at night.
  • Healthy person feels the mind and body fresh after getting  up in the morning.
  • He has habit of going evacuation regularly.
  • He feels proper hunger.
  • He feels no tiredness while doing work during the whole day.
  • Stomach should be outside comparison to the chest.
  • He has no desire of using intoxicating substances.
  • There is happiness in his heart and mind all the time.
  • Face of a healthy person is shiny.
  • Happiness is present on the face of a healthy person even in adverse conditions.
  • He has shine not fear in the eyes.
  • All the physically activities should be normal.
  • Only good thoughts should be come in the mind all the time.