Natural hair dyes

Natural hair dyes


          Hair can be dyed by using herbs’ decoction or their paste. To prepare decoction from these herbs, boil these herbs in water for 20 minutes. Thereafter, apply in hair after filtering and cooling.


  • Leaves of neel leaves should be used to give black hair a blue-black glow.
  • Golden look can be given to the hair by using rosemary flower petals or petals of shasraparni.  
  • If your hair is gray, the use of maize leaves can bring silver glow by ending the paleness of hair.
  • Boil handful flower of jabakusum in one liter water. Redness comes in the hair when hair is washed with this decoction.
  • If your hair is grey, boil four big spoons leaves of sez in one cup of water. Apply this water in hair or prepare paste by mixing Chinese clay in this decoction. Apply this paste in hair for one hour and then wash off hair.
  • Grind wall nut peel and prepare paste by mixing alum and orange flower in it. Apply this paste in the hair for one hour and then wash hair with lukewarm water. Finally, shampoo your hair.

For light and dark brown hair:

Leaves of pangar:

          Color of hair becomes dark by washing hair with the decoction of pangar leaves. A new kind of glow comes into the hair after its use.

Tea leaves:

          Color comes in the hair if it is washed with tea leaves’ water.

Elder berry:

          Light color of the hair returns in its previous condition by using elder berry.

Wall nut:

          Humidity comes in the hair by using peels of wall nut and color of hair becomes dark.


          Hair color becomes dark with a glow by using cloves.

Black cherry:

          Color of the hair becomes dark by using black cherry.

For red colored hair:

  • A glow comes in hair by applying pure henna. Redness comes too in hair.
  • Color of hair becomes dark red by using the bark of witch hazel.