Natrum sulphuricum



Introduction: -

            Natrum Sulphuricum proves as very beneficial drug for curing those people whose symptoms aggravate with changing climate. Besides them, this drug is also very useful for those who can’t tolerate sea breezes.

Use of Natrum Sulphuricum in various symptoms:

Head-related symptoms: -

    Natrum Sulphuricum proves very effective drug for curing such symptoms as- rapid pain in rear portion of the head, such pain in the ear as someone has pierced a sharp thing, feeling of dizziness, a feeling of head crankiness after the cough attack, excessive hotness in the forehead, stomach irritation following by intense pain in right temple side, mental troubles caused by something falling on the head or any injury and others head symptoms. 

Symptoms related to the Ears:

            The patient feels intensive pain in the ears and like a digging inside the ear. He also feels piercing pain in the ear in hot weather. The use of Natrum Sulphuricum drug is beneficial in these symptoms.    

Nasal related Symptoms:

            Natrum Sulphuricum is a beneficial drug in the symptoms of discharging of yellow, thick and salty mucus from the nose due to cold, cold and catarrh, Ethomiditis, blood discharging from the nose, etc.

Eyes-related Symptoms:

            In the symptoms of yellowness in the white portion of the eyes and photophobia (intolerable to the light), etc., the use of Natrum Sulphuricum drug proves as very beneficial drug.

Symptoms related to the Mouth: -

            The use of Natrum Sulphuricum drug is very useful in the symptoms of spoiled taste, blisters in the mouth palate and secretion of white, thick, greasy and adhesive mucus from the mouth.

Symptoms associated with the stomach: -

            Natrum Sulphuricum proves as very effective drug in the symptoms of sour vomiting, flatulence, saffron and bitter crust on the tongue, tongue yellowness, desired for drinking cold water, vomiting due to heat and burning in the chest due to flatulence. 

Abdominal Symptoms: -

            If the patient has these symptoms as- amoebic material with faeces, burning in the liver, jaundice, vomiting due to heat, feeling of  by touching, unable for donning tight clothes, aggravation in the pain by lying down on the left side, flatulence, violent burning in the stomach and anus, rapid excretion, discharge of watery and yellow stool, excretion while leaves stink wind and dilute motions in the morning in humid weather.  The use of Natrum Sulphuricum drug is very beneficial in these symptoms.

Symptoms associated with female: -

            Natrum Sulphuricum is a beneficial drug in the symptoms of discharging of excessive and sharp blood from the nose during menses, pharynx irritation during menses, inflammation of vaginal herpes, discharging of green and yellow water from the vagina like of men and throat irritation with vaginal discharging.   

Symptoms associated with Respiration: -

          The patient has symptoms of difficult breathing especially in moist weather, rapid and intensive attack of cough, crackling in the chest with asthma attack at 4:00 to 5:00 A.M., secretion of green mucus during cough, deep breathing, attack of as rapid cough as the patient awakes and sits, asthma attacks from the cold and fresh air, etc., Natrum Sulphuricum is a beneficial drug for such patients.   

Symptoms related with the Back:

            If the patient suffers from itching in the back after putting off clothes, intense pain in the brain and behind the neck, piercing pain in the scapula, spinal meningitis, opisthotonotis (back-shape becomes like a bow), etc.,  the use of Natrum Sulphuricum proves as very useful drug in such symptoms. 

Symptoms associated with external body parts

            Natrum Sulphuricum is a beneficial drug in the symptoms of glands inflammation, burning around nails root, a feeling of burning in feet soles, filling of water in the feet, itching in the middle of feet fingers, arthritis pain that aggravates in hot or cold weather, frequent placement of seating area due to pain in the body parts, appearance of torn wounds, pain in the hip joints and knee toughness.      

Symptoms associated with Skin:

            The patient suffers from watery eczema in cold weather, itching when putting off his clothes and appearance of dry warts on the entire body. Taking Natrum Sulphuricum drug provides relief in these symptoms.    

Symptoms associated with Male:

          Taking Natrum Sulphuricum drug provides relief in such symptoms as- gonorrhoea with yellow and green colored discharge, painful and thick discharge and fast desire for coition due to sexual excitement in the evening.    


            The symptoms aggravate from cold, to live on moisture or watery place, to lie on left stomach side or on the back, to any movement and in the morning.

Amelioration: -

            These symptoms ameliorate by pressing, changing location and in the hot weather.

Complementary: -

            Arse and Thuja.


          Natrum Sulphuricum can be compared with Natrum sixnet, malaria officinalis, Natrum colinicum, Momordica, Pulmobulpis, Piyumus, Boldus, Natrum Iodatum, Natrum Hyposulph, Sulphur, Thuja, Mercurius and Sitligi. 

Dose:  -

            The trituration of 1x to 12x potency of Natrum Sulphuricum is very beneficial to cure diseases.