Natrum salicylicum



Introduction: -

          Natrum Salicylicum proves as very useful drug for eliminating symptoms that arise after influenza fever. In addition to it, this drug is also used in the symptoms of epistaxis, deafness, dizziness, ears pain,  etc. 

Use of Natrum Salicylicum drug in various symptoms: -  

Head-related Symptoms:

            The use of Natrum Salicylicum drug is beneficial in the symptoms of slightly headache, headache with strange things before eyes, sensation of dizziness by moving the head, feeling as if all the things are revolving, condition of sensitiveness with rapid frenzied prefixes of tragic nature, circulation of skull fibers, etc. 

Eyes related Symptoms:

          The use of Natrum Salicylicum drug is beneficial for curing symptoms as- retinal hemorrhage, albuminric retinitis with hemorrhage, Aridosailitis with infection afterwards born secondary sensory symptoms.    

Chest related symptoms:

            If the patient suffers from difficult breathing, dyspnea, abnormal nerve speed, absolutely chocked voice, etc, the use of Natrum Salicylicum proves as very beneficial.

Symptoms related to the Ears:

            Natrum Salicylicum proves as very effective drug in the symptoms of rapid earache, deafness, dizziness due to ears troubles, etc.

Symptoms associated with Skin:

            Natrum Salicylicum drug is very useful in the symptoms as- filling water in the skin, Chhapaki, appearing round and red flecks on the skin, itching of the skin, pemchligoid eruption, etc.


            Natrum Salicylicum can be compared with Galwe and China medicines.

Dose: -

            3G potency of Natrum Salicylicum should be used based on symptoms.