Natrum phosphoricum



Introduction: -

            Natrum Phosphoricum is very useful drug for the people who suffer from body debility due to excessive mental work, much coition and evil consequences. 

Use of Natrum Phosphoricum drug in various symptoms: -

Symptoms associated with Mood or Mind: -

            The patient suffers from mental illness, awakes at night and thinks strange thoughts. He seems as if someone is running in the room, but there is no present there, the patient seems a person to chair and table. Natrum Phosphoricum proves as very effective drug in these symptoms.

Head-related Symptoms:-

            If the patient suffers from frequent headache especially behind the neck, temples, forehead and on the upper portion of the eyes; headache while menses beginning or after ending, headache due to over sexual intercourse, headache due to lot of noise, etc., the use of Natrum Phosphoricum drug is beneficial. 

Symptoms related to the Eyes:

          The use of Natrum Phosphoricum according to the symptoms is very useful for curing symptoms as- bright yellow discharge from the eyes all the time, shrunken pupils, yellowness in the white portion of the eyes, etc. 

Ears-related symptoms: -

            One ear of patient is red with itching after the heat as well as the patient also suffers from stomach deficiency with gas troubles.  Natrum Phosphoricum is very beneficial drug in these symptoms.

Nose-related Symptoms: -

            If the patient suffers from fast nose-itching, an odour from the nose and discharging of thick, yellow and fetid mucus from the nose with symptoms of catarrh, etc., Natrum Phosphoricum is a beneficial drug.   

Symptoms related to the mouth: -

            Natrum Phosphoricum is a beneficial drug for curing symptoms as- wounds with burning sensation inside the cheeks and lips, blisters on the top of tongue where the patient also feels stinging pain, problems in swallowing anything, bright yellow crust on the rear of the mouth and thick crust on the tonsils and soft palate.      

Stomach related Symptoms: -

          If the patient has stomach symptoms with sour belching, sour vomiting, green motion, vomiting after taking meal, etc., the use of Natrum Phosphoricum drug is beneficial.

Symptoms related to Female: -

          In symptoms early menses, yellow and watery menses, infertility, sour secretion from the vagina, sour secretion from the uterus, pregnancy troubles in the morning, bitter vomiting, etc., Natrum Phosphoricum is a beneficial drug.   

Symptoms associated with Male: -

            Natrum Phosphoricum is a useful drug in emission at night, back pain, shivering in the body parts, gonorrhoea, lack of excitement in the penis, fast sexual excitement, etc.  

Symptoms related to the external body parts: -

            Natrum Phosphoricum is very beneficial drug in in the knee joints.

Skin related Symptoms: -

            Natrum Phosphoricum is a beneficial drug in skin etiolation, itching in the several body parts, rheum due to cold, complete coldness in the feet in day time while burning in the feet at night and inflammation of the lymphatic glands. 

Symptoms related to the back: -

            The patient feels fatigue in the body all the time and suffers from slightly pain in the wrists and finger-joints, crackling in the mucous membranes, inflammation of the joints due to arthritis, etc. The use of Natrum Phosphoricum drug is useful for curing these symptoms.


            Natrum Phosphoricum can be compared with Natrum lactic, Natrum Nirtosum, Natrum Silicoploricum, Natrum Selini, Natrum Sulphurisum, Natrum Sulphocaball, Natrum Telluricum, Calca, Robini and Phosphorus.

Dose: -

            The trituration of 3G to 12x potency of Natrum Phosphoricum is beneficial in above symptoms.