Aatrum nitricum



Introduction: -

          Natrum Nitricum is used for eliminating all types of burning and bleeding from the body. This drug stops bleeding of epistaxis.

Use of Natrum Nitricum in various symptoms:  

Head-related symptoms:

          Natrum Nitricum proves as very effective drug in the symptoms of pain inside the head, earache, numbness in the head, undesired to do work whether mental or physical, epistaxis, etc.   

Symptoms associated with the stomach:

          If the patient suffers from sour belching, retching just after looking at coffee, flatulence with pressure inside the stomach and chest pain that aggravate by moving and ameliorate by belching, the use of Natrum Nitricum is very useful for curing such symptoms.   

Heart-related Symptoms:

          Natrum Nitricum is a useful drug in the symptoms of rapid pain in the heart, slow nerve speed and other heart related symptoms. 

Abdominal Symptoms:

          Natrum Nitricum is a beneficial drug for curing flatulence, shrunken with pain in the stomach muscles towards backbone and facing of troubles while excretions.  

Dose: -

          The use of 2x to 3x potency of Natrum Nitricum drug according to symptoms is beneficial.