Natrum muriaticum



Introduction: - 

        Natrum Muriaticum is considered as very useful drug for curing skin diseases.

Use of Natrum Muriaticum drug in various symptoms:

Symptoms associated with mind or mood:

        In the symptoms of psychiatric, sometimes the patient laughs by himself and sometimes cries. Patient’s face is always dominated with sadness whether there is a happiness period as well as the patient likes to live alone and suffers from poor memory and lack of power to recognize bad or good, Natrum Muriaticum proves as

Symptoms related to the head:

        In the symptoms of rapid burning in the head, glaucoma due to headache, crushing pain in the head after menses or after getting up in the morning, feeling of enlarged head, pain in one side of the head, regular headache with facial etiolation, retching, vomiting, numbness of the lips, tongue and nose before headache, chronic headache, etc., Natrum Muriaticum is very useful drug.  

Mouth-related Symptoms:

        If the patient suffered from mouth troubles has other symptoms too as- mouth dryness, numbness with a tickling in the tongue, lips and nose, illusion of  hair sticking on the tongue caused by tongue blisters with burning, blisters on the lips, dryness in the corner of  the lips and mouth, chaos size of the tongue, decandence mouth taste, presensation of swollen huge blister with burning on the lower lip and unquenchable thirst, use of Natrum Muriaticum drug proves as very effective in these symptoms.  

Face-related Symptoms:

        The face of the patient is as oily as if someone has applied oil on his face as well as patient has also symptoms of dusky face and pimples on the face during fever, etc. Natrum Muriaticum is a beneficial drug for curing these symptoms.   

Symptoms related to the Eyes: 

        Natrum Muriaticum proves as very effective drug in such symptoms as- headache of students, feeling of heaviness in the eyelids, stiffing and weakness of the eyes muscles, specks before the eyes (a feeling of something is flying in front of eyes), eyes burning, discharging of pus from tear tubes after pressing, swollen eyelids, tears dripping when cough, eyes-pain to see downwards and beginning stage of cataract etc.  

Symptoms associated with respiration:

        Patient lies in the morning or evening and suffers from such cough as if head will crack, dry cough with hemoptysis (blood discharging with sputum), piercing pain in the chest, etc. Natrum Muriaticum is very useful drug for curing such symptoms.   

Symptoms related to Ears:

        Natrum Muriaticum drug provides relief in the symptoms of earache even by little noise and tinnitus aureum (strange noise in the ear).   

Nasal Symptoms:

        Patient suffers from rapid discharge with cold and catarrh that persists for approximately 3 days, besides them patient has also other symptoms too as- chocked nose, difficult breathe, white watery discharge from the nose, over sneezing, inability for identifying an odour or fragrance and pain inside the nose. Natrum Muriaticum proves very useful drug for curing such symptoms.

Symptoms related to the stomach:

        Patient eats too much food, but he is still hungry. Patient has also symptoms of body weakness, irregular heartbeat with heart burning, unquenchable thirst, profuse sweating when takes meal, desired for eating salt, retching after listening the name of chapatti and fish, stomach irritation, etc. The use of Natrum Muriaticum drug is useful for curing these symptoms.   

Abdominal Symptoms:

        The use of Natrum Muriaticum drug is better in the symptoms of flatulence, rapid pain inside the stomach and pain in the stomach disk when coughs.   

Symptoms associated with the Rectum:

        The use of Natrum Muriaticum drug proves beneficial in such symptoms as- burning and stinging pain in the anus after faeces excretion, shrunken anus, blood discharging from the cracked anus, constipation, painful diarrhoea, stinging pain inside the stomach, etc.

Symptoms associated with Urine:

        If the patient feels burning sensation in the ureter while urination and suffers from profuse urine, incontinence urine during walk or cough and suppression of urine for a long time in presence of other person, Natrum Muriaticum is very useful drug.  

Symptoms associated with Male:

        The use of Natrum Muriaticum drug is very useful in the symptoms of frequent semen discharging after sexual intercourse with female, retention of urine, rapid pain of the bladder and delay in semen discharging with symptoms of impotency.

Symptoms related to Female:

        Woman feels little fear, because it seems that sexual intercourse is very painful and suffers from hair-falling from the genitals, irregular menses, profuse discharge of menstruations, dryness in the vagina, leucorrhoea, feeling of labor-pain that aggravates in the morning, sharp pain in the urinary tube due to cracked vagina, suppressed menstruations and feeling of much heat during menses. The use of Natrum Muriaticum is very good for curing these female symptoms.   

Skin related symptoms:

        Natrum Muriaticum is a beneficial remedy for curing such symptoms as- greasy skin as if someone has rubbed oil especially on the hairy parts, skin blisters during fever, dropsy with itching and burning, loss of hair and skin from the turning body parts, skull sides and behind the ears, warts on the palms, eczema, cold bile and body itching after hard working.  

Symptoms associated with fever:

        Patient feels very cold from 9:00 A.M. to 11:00 A.M. during fever as well as he suffers from over thirst with increased body warmth that aggravates during fever, eruption of pimples on the body due to fever, malarial fever, body debility due to dehydration, constipation, anorexia and perspiration after hard working. Using Natrum Muriaticum drug provides benefit in these symptoms.   

Symptoms related to the external body parts:

        If the patient takes support of a tough thing in the back pain, and blood circulation becomes fast by any movement inside the body. Patient has also other symptoms as- warmth of the palms with perspiration, weakness in the arms, legs and ankles; swollen nails, numbness in the fingers and genitals, crackling in the joints when walk and depositing of blood in the chest, head and stomach with legs coldness.  The use of Natrum Muriaticum drug according to symptoms is beneficial.    

Heart-related Symptoms:

        Natrum Muriaticum proves as very effective drug in the symptoms of heart coldness, feeling of shrunken heart and chest, abnormity in heartbeat and nerves, heart burning and retention of palpitation after lying.


The symptoms aggravate at 10:00 to 11:00 A.M. before noon, on beach or sea air, by the heat of brazier and sun, doing much mental work, talking, reading or writing and lying down.    


These symptoms ameliorate in open air, bathing with cold water, by irregular intake of fast food, lying on the right side and lying on the painful side.


        Apis, Sepia, Ignatia.

Anti-miasmatic medicines:

        Arse, Phosphorus, Nitri-spititus-dulsis,  etc. remove bad effects of Natrum Muriaticum.


        Natrum Muriaticum drug can be compared with Acqua-Marina, Sal-marinum, Natrum Celinium, Natrum salicylicum, Doulicose, Phegopa, Ignatia, Sepia, Thuja, Graphites and Almi.

Dose: -

        12th to 30th potency or higher potency of Natrum Muriaticum is beneficial for curing symptoms. 

Note: -

        The use of higher potency of Natrum Muriaticum is very useful, but this drug should not be given again and again (repeatedly).