Natrum carbonicum




        The people who are suffered from indigestion for a long period and anything doesn’t able to digest properly, such people use soda for digesting food. These patients suffer from sour belching all the time. Natrum Carbonicum proves very effective drug for such patients.

Use of Natrum Carbonicum drug based on various symptoms:

Head-related symptoms:

        The patient starts suffering from headache by doing even little mental work, beginning of headache in the sun, vertigo, feeling of head enlargement, hypersensitivity of hearing nerve and starting of headache in hot weather. The use of Natrum Carbonicum drug based on symptoms is useful.

Symptoms associated with Mind or Mood: -

        The use of Natrum Carbonicum according to symptoms is beneficial for curing symptoms of  anger even after little noise, brooding, brain weakness, inability to understand something properly, tension is aggravated by listening music, inability to do work, etc.

Symptoms related to the Stomach:

        If the patient has such symptoms as- dedicated stomach with swelling, over saliva in the mouth, feeling of fast appetite from 5:00 A.M., weakness in the digestion processes due to food negligence, retching by looking at milk, feeling unwell after taking meal, bitter taste, belching all the times due to deficiency in digestion power, gastric sourness, arthritis, etc., the use of Natrum Carbonicum is very beneficial.      

Intestinal Symptoms: -

        Natrum Carbonicum proves as very useful drug in the symptoms of sudden desired for excretion, rapid and noisy excretion, pus discharging with stools and diarrhoea after drinking milk.

Symptoms related to Female: -

        If the patient suffers from hardening in further uterus membrane, feeling of labor-pain, scanty menses secretion after duration, fetid and excitable leucorrhoea and stomachache before beginning of menses, the use of Natrum Carbonicum drug is very beneficial.      

Symptoms associated with respiration: -

        When the patient goes in a hot room suddenly, he gets dry cough and the women patient feel coldness in the left nipple. Natrum Carbonicum proves as very useful drug in these symptoms.  

Nasal Symptoms: -

        External diseases of the nose turn into dangerous after some time as well as the patient also suffers from nose pimples, nose inflammation, fetid secretion from the nose, catarrh of the rear nose holes, secretion of additional mucus after clearing throat and aggravation in troubles by touching little air. Natrum Carbonicum is useful remedy in these symptoms.  

Symptoms associated with skin: -

        Natrum Carbonicum is very useful in the symptoms of cracked or ragged or dried skin, pimples on the tip of fingers, joints and toes; vesicular eruptions on the skin and filling the nerves completely.   

Face-related Symptoms: -

        Natrum Carbonicum is very beneficial drug in the symptoms of pustular face, swollen upper lips, blue rings around the eyes, swollen eyelids, etc.

Symptoms associated with Slumber: -

        the patient gets up early in the morning and watches sexual dreams at night, he also feels sleepy in day. Natrum Carbonicum is very effective drug in these symptoms.  

Symptoms related to the external body parts: -

        Natrum Carbonicum is a beneficial drug in symptoms as- feeling of excessive weakness in the body parts in the morning, benign sprain, sprain of the ankles, legs turning downwards, rapid pain in between the fingers and toes, any disease of the heels and tendon muscles, pain in the hollow portion of the ankles and icy feeling in the ankles.  


        Symptoms are aggravated by sitting on a place, listening the music, heat, doing mental labor, in the stormy weather, due to exposure to little wind, after changing weather and in the sunlight. 

Amelioration: -

        Symptoms are ameliorated by moving and putting a finger inside the nose and ear.

Anti-miasmatic medicines: -

        Arse and Camphora are used to remove bad effects of Natrum Carbonicum.

Complementary: -

        Calcaarea-carbonica, Nux-vomica, Pulsatilla,  Sulph and Sepia.

Comparison: -

        Natrum Carbonicum can be compared with Calcaria, Sepia and Natrum-Sulphuricum.

Dose: -

        6x potency of Natrum Carbonicum is very beneficial.