Natrum arsenicum



Introduction: - 

          Natrum Arsenicum drug is used for curing chronic catarrh. Patient has also other symptoms as- pain in the head and nose root, dryness in eyes and painful eyes. This drug is also useful for the bronchitis of children above seven years.

Use of Natrum Arsenicum drug based on various symptoms:-

Symptoms related to Mind or Mood:

          Patient can’t concentrate his mind before thinking an idea, and suffers from very poor memory, forgetfulness, undesired to do a work and lay remaining at all times. Natrum Arsenicum proves very effective drug in these symptoms.   

Head-related symptoms: -

          If a patient has symptoms of rapid headache, such feeling as the head is floating in water after moving the head fastly, pain in the forehead and nose root and pain over the orbits, the use of Natrum Arsenicum drug is beneficial. 

Nasal Symptoms: -

          The use of Natrum Arsenicum drug is very useful for curing symptoms as- chocked nose, secretion from the nose that reaches to patient throat; extremely patient has to sleep by opening the mouth; a feeling of pain in nose root, crust inside the nose, loss of smelling power, secretion of thick and yellow mucus from extreme holes of nose and dried crust inside the nose; if one removes this crust that makes the mucous membrane weak. These nasal symptoms aggravate in morning.

Face-related Symptoms: -

          The use of Natrum Arsenicum drug is beneficial in the symptoms of face swelling, a feeling of swollen facial bones and feeling of fulfilling face as the face is inflamed.

Symptoms associated with Respiration:-

          Entire body of the patient tremors by rapid cough as well as the patient also suffers from secretion of green mucus with cough, feeling of suffocation in chest, larynx and in heart region; asthma of the workers who work in coil factory and such feeling as whole smoke is entered into lungs. The use of Natrum Arsenicum drug is beneficial for curing the symptoms within some days.   

Symptoms related to Eyes: -

          If a patient stares to anything he gets eyes pain, besides it patient has also other symptoms as- poor eyesight, glaucoma, photophobia (problems from light), feeling of tiredness and when reads or writes, unable for opening the eyelids completely, swelling in middle portion of eyes and eyelids, watering from eyes to go in opened air and adhesive or sticky eyes due to accumulation of mud in the eyes. Natrum Arsenicum is very useful drug for such patient.     

Gastric-related Symptoms: -

          If a patient feels heaviness in stomach, straining and pain in middle of stomach and navel as well as patient also suffers from stomach heaviness despite taking a light dinner, feeling of burning in stomach to eat hot food, sour belching with yawning and very fast thirst. Natrum Arsenicum drug provides relief in such symptoms.  

Symptoms related to Mouth: -

          Natrum Arsenicum proves very effective drug in the symptoms of enlarged or thicken mouth sides caused by crankiness, rapid pain in the jaw during chewing the meal, yellow coat on the tongue, redden inner tongue with a crankiness and feeling of large, thick and cracked tongue.  

Symptoms related to external body parts: -

          If the patient suffers from pain in arms that aggravates to shoulders, pain of the frontier nerves of leg, stiffness in the body joints, a feeling of tiredness in the entire body and feeling of crackling in knee joints, the use of Natrum Arsenicum drug is very beneficial. 


          Symptoms are aggravated after getting up in the morning or after taking meal.


          Symptoms are ameliorated by walking in the opened air.

Comparison: -

          Natrum Arsenicum drug can be compared with Arse, Kali-carbonicum and Apis medicines.

Dose: -

          The use of 3x to 30 x potency of Natrum Arsenicum heals the symptoms within short time.