Naritatn Asana



        The practice of this asana brings energy and freshness in the body. This asana ends the tiredness of the body and makes the blood circulation fast. It is a part of yogasana, so all types of persona can do this asana.


        Spread a mat on the floor and lie on the stomach (on the mat) and keep a gap between the feet. Now keep both the hands in the line of the chest and interlock hand’s fingers with each other and keep the palms up. After that, keep the hands up and bring tensity in the whole body along with the legs too. Stay in this position for 30 seconds and then bring the hands on the stomach slowly while exhaling. Thereafter, extend hands in the sides of the body on the floor because of which the body and breathing activity come in normal position. Take breath while stretching the body and stop your breath according to the capacity. After that, release the body stable and keep a distance between the legs like before and make the breathing activity normal. Repeat this activity 3-5 times.


        The practice of this asana generates stability and tensity in the body. Therefore, remove your extra tension from the body and take natural rest. Yawning ends body fatigue. Therefore, this asana ends the fault of yawing and remove the fatigue. It normalizes blood pressure, nervous system and ends laziness and insanity. This asana is useful in increasing height, vital power and energy in the body.


        The person should concentrate on the muscles of the back to make flexible them.