Introduction: -

        Naphthalene drug acts well in the eyes troubles. In addition to it, it also proves as very effective drug in the symptoms of cold, catarrh, hay-fever, phthisis peulmonalis and gonorrhoea.  

Use of Naphthalene in various symptoms: -

Head-related Symptoms: -

         The patient goes on lying down all the times like a sensation of unconsciousness and suffers from restlessness, withered face, etc. Naphthalene is a beneficial drug for curing these symptoms.

Symptoms associated with cough:

        Patient suffers from sleeplessness due to rapid cough, attacks of cough and perspiration after sleeping, over sneezing, eyes burning with head warmth, pain in the chest and stomach, asthma in senility, whooping cough, intensive burning in the voice and respiratory tube and inflammation of the respiratory tube. Naphthalene proves beneficial drug for curing them.

Symptoms associated with Urine:

          If the patient suffers from frequent urination, blackish urine, scummy and stinky urination, cracking pain in the lower portion of the penis, feeling pain with redness in the uterus and urine vent and inflammation in the glens penis, etc., the use of Naphthalene drug is beneficial.      

Symptoms related to the Eyes:

          Naphthalene is very effective drug in the symptoms of burning of the retina, marks appear on the retina, poor eyesight, cataract, infiltrate in celery body, cornea opacity, etc.       

Symptoms associated with Fever:

         In intermittent fever, presence of headache with fever, disliking everything and aggravation in typhoid symptoms, use of Naphthalene drug is beneficial. 

Aggravation: -

           Symptoms aggravate at night or while urination.

Amelioration: -

           These symptoms ameliorate in open air and by using clothes as loose.

Comparison: -

           Naphthalene can be compared with Drale, Coreli, Coccus, Terpine-Hydrate. 

Dose: -

           3x potency of Naphthalene drug proves very beneficial after knowing symptoms.