Naja tripudians



Introduction: -

          Naja Tripudians drug is prepared from venom of a poisonous snake. This is very effective drug for the people whose symptoms begin from left to right as ovarian troubles,  joints pain, diphtheria, etc. 

Use of Naja Tripudians drug in various symptoms: -

Symptoms associated with Mind or Mood: -

          The patient goes on thinking about his own imagination all the time, he feels as if he has made some mistakes. He doesn’t want to talk with anyone and scares to being alone. Patient speaks stuck and scares about rain. Giving Naja Tripudians drug to the patient provides relief in such symptoms.

Head-related symptoms: -

          Pain begins from the left temple and left skull and moves in the rear of the head as well as the patient suffers from vomiting several times a day, retching, dryness in the voice tube during hay fever, feeling of suffocation after sleep, glaucoma and ptosis (hanging down both the eyelids). The use of Naja Tripudians drug is beneficial in such symptoms.

Ear-related symptoms: -

          Naja Tripudians proves very useful drug according to such symptoms as- rapid earache, discharging of black, stinky and sharp fluid from the patient ears, misunderstandings regarding to hear or hearing and understand improperly and he takes another meaning.

Symptoms associated with respiration: -

          The patient feels as if someone has gripped his throat and he feels suffocation; patient also suffers from fast dry cough, secretion of viscid sputum and saliva from the mouth, asthma attacks in the evening and asthma which begins with cold and catarrh, etc. Naja Tripudians drug provides relief in such symptoms.

Heart-related symptoms: -

          The patient feels as if his heart has stopped functioning and his death will be sure within few times. The patient can not talk to anyone properly, because the heart starts beating very fast. The heartbeat becomes very fast even by little walking or doing physical labor and the patient feels as if something is pierced in his heart. Naja Tripudians proves very useful drug in such symptoms.  

Symptoms related to Female: -

          Naja Tripudians drug beneficial drug in the symptoms of neuralgic pain in the glands of the left ovary and feeling of pulling with pain in the left nipple especially after an operation.  

Symptoms related to sleep: -

          The patient sleeps all the time and feels suffocation, fast snoring after sleeping, etc. Naja Tripudians proves useful drug in these symptoms.

Reaction: -

          Wine and Sulphur.

Aggravation: -

          These symptoms aggravate from car driving, by lying on the left stomach, walking and moving, drink wine, after menstrual excretion, clothes tightness and from cold and cold air. 

Amelioration: -

          The symptoms ameliorate from sneezing, in open air and by horse-riding.

Comparison: -

          Naja Tripudians drug can be compared with Arse, Cact, Crote, Lachesis and Spigelia.

Dose: -

          6x to 30x potency of Naja Tripudians drug should be used by the patient.