Myrtus communis




Myrtus communis drug is used for curing problems of contaminated blood. It provides relief from chest pain. This medicine is very useful in the initial stage of T.B.

Myrtus communis is the great remedy for curing problems of neuralgic stimulation, swelling of the respiratory pipe, burning sensation of the urinary bladder and pelvis swelling.

Useful in various symptoms:

Chest related symptoms:

Myrtus communis drug should be used in the cases of pain and sensation of pricking niddle in the left nipple that moves to the scapula, cough, dry cough and feeling of burning sensation in the left portion of the chest. These symptoms aggravate in the morning. This medicine provides quick relief from above symptoms.

Lungs related symptoms:

Myrtus communis is an excellent remedy in the cases of pain in the lower segment of the left lung like pricking-needle, breasts pain and dry cough.


Myrtus chekan medicine is used for curing chronic swelling of the respiratory pipe with discharge of yellow phlegm, much troubling and cough. Myrtus communis medicine is also used for curing above symptoms. So, some properties of Myrtus chekan medicine can be compared with Myrtus communis.


The patient should take 3rd potency of Myrtus communis.