Myrica cerifera



In homeopathic treatment, Myrica cerifera is used for curing 2 to 3 diseases like- jaundice with headache in the morning and all types of problems related to the mucous as cold, excessive discharge from nose like phlegm and chronic disease.

Bile is not able to be produced properly due to liver problems by that crop of; many diseases generate in the body. If bile produced properly in the body, diseases do not occur.  

Myrica cerifera drug should be used for curing problems of wrench of the hands and feet, dirty urination, yellow filth of the tongue, retching and eyes yellowness.


Some properties of Digitalis can be compared with Myrica cerifera, but it should be remembered that Digitalis is used for curing those persons who suffer from jaundice and organic disease.   


Mother tincture of Myrica cerifera should be used in 3rd potency.