Mygale lasiodora




Mygale lasiodora drug is prepared from the poison of many types of insects. This medicine is very useful for curing chorea (Nartan) disease (such disease in which patient dances with insanity). In dangerous stage of Nartan disease, the patient suffers from symptoms of throbbing of the facial muscles. Mygale lasiodora drug should be used for curing symptoms of this disease. 

Useful in various symptoms:

Mind-related symptoms:

In Nartan disease patient’s condition is like a crazy person and patient suffers from restlessness, intensive despair and feels fear of death. Giving Mygale lasiodora drug to the suffered patient provides quick relief from above symptoms. 

Face related symptoms:

Mygale lasiodora is the great remedy in the cases of stiffness and strain in the muscles of the body, facial warmth and looks red, tongue dryness, sensation of burnt tongue and troubles by coming tongue out, pain with shock in one portion of the head and teeth grinding at night. Mouth and eyes open and close partially. It provides quick relief from above symptoms. 

Stomach related symptoms:

Mygale lasiodora drug is used for curing retching, eyesight weakness and anorexia. It also quenches over thirst.

Symptoms related of men diseases:

Mygale lasiodora is an excellent remedy in the cases of excessive excitement of the penis with its pain.

Symptoms related to the external organs of the body:

Mygale lasiodora drug should be used in the cases of shivering and throbbing of the body parts, slow activity of many parts of the body and slow activity of the arms and feet. Sometimes, the patient walks by dragging his feet. This medicine cures above symptoms.


 Some properties of Tarentu, Cuprum, Jijiya and Egari can be compared with Mygale lasiodora.


These symptoms aggravate in the morning.


Some symptoms ameliorate while sleeping. 


3rd to 30th potency of Mygale lasiodora should be taken for curing symptoms of diseases.