Musk Mallow



There are many names of musk mallow as -Kasturi, Lata Kasturi and Javaadiya.Introduction: The creeper of musk mallow grows in forests. Its seeds have fragrance like musk (Kasturi).

Name: There are many names of musk mallow as -Kasturi, Lata Kasturi and Javaadiya.


Musk mallow enhances sperm count and eliminates vatta and phlegm. It ends itching and prevents offensive sweating.

Useful in different diseases:

1. Mouth offensive smell: Chew seeds of musk mallow; it prevents offensive smell from the mouth and makes mouth clean.

2. Weakness: Mix 70 milliliters musk mallow and 560 milliliters alcohol together and prepare tincture from it. After that, take 1-2 ml this tincture; it ends weakness and increases body energy.

3. Collapsing stage: Mix 70 milliliters musk mallow’s seeds and 560 milliliters wine (Alcohol) together to prepare tincture. After that, take 3.50 to 7 milliliters this tincture, it provides body warmth. It is also beneficial in nerve problems.

4. Hoarseness:

  • Smoking with powder of musk mallow’s seeds is useful to get relief in hoarseness.
  • Gargling with decoction of mulberry leaves is useful to cure hoarseness.