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[ M ] Related Medicines:



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Myrabalan Chebulie

Mint (Podina*)

Mountain Ebony

Megim (Aparajita*)

Marigold (Genda*)

Morinda Citrifolia

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Milk (Doodh*)

Milk Hedge




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Myrrh (Bol*)

Marsilea Minuta

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Mollugo Oppogitifolia

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Macrotomia Benthami

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Moss(Kaee*) Scum

Musk (Kasturi*)

Mustard Oil

Milk Hedge-Sehund


Momordica Dioica

Momordica Dioica Roaxb

Musk Mallow

Mimusops Hexandra

Mimusops Kauki

Mimusops Hexandra

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Musk is a fragrant substance. Its fragrance spreads far and wide. Musk is found in deer’s navel. It is found in hilly areas’ deer. The shape of deer’s navel is round like peach. Some people kill deer to get musk. 30 to 40 grams musk is found in the navel of a deer. Musk has hair too. It has seeds like cardamom, small fennel and maze powder.

There are three kinds of musk:

The musk, which is found in Kamrup, is black in colour and it is considered the best.

The musk, which is found in Nepal, is blue.

The musk, which is found in Kashmir, is brown radish in color (Kapil). The properties of this musk are general.

Identification of pure Musk:

  • The musk, which is found in the navel of child, old and weak deer is of low fragrant. The musk of a young and sexy deer is bright in colour and has low fragrant.
  • Musk is smooth in touching gives smell like smoke after burning. It burns soon and someone feels some dry if it is rubbed. This is artificial and duplicate musk. 
  • Musk is light and fragrant like flowers of umbrella tree. It is light black, blue and brown. Its taste is bitter and one feels greasy by rubbing it. It burns for a long time if it is lit the fired. This musk is real musk obtained from a deer’s navel.
  • Mix ginger juice in musk and apply it on the head, blood starts to fall from the nose just after its application. Put one piece of pure Malyagir sandal on the head in this condition. Its use prevents bleeding from the nose soon. This is an identification of pure musk and sandal.

Name in different languages:

English              -               Musk

Hindi                 -               Kasturi

Sanskrit            -               Mragnabhi, Mragmad

Latin                 -               Moschus

Marathi             -               Kasturi

Bengali             -               Mragnabhi

Persian            -               Mushk

Arabic              -               Misk

Colour: Musk is light red, black blue and brown.

Taste: It is bitter.

Structure: Musk is received from the navel of a black deer. It is very fragrant. Its fragrance spreads far and wide. It is very useful for the heart.

Nature: Musk is hot by nature.

Precautions: Musk is harmful for the bile natured persons and it causes headache.

Removing side effects: Bamboo manna and rose juice kills all side effects of musk.

Comparison: Musk can be compared with bamboo manna, fly’s wing and mare’s stool.

Dosage: Musk should be taken in quantity of 480 milligrams to 1 gram.

Quality: Musk keeps the mind happy and calm. It is useful for the eyes and removes offensive smell. It is useful for the heart and makes sharpens the brain. It increases body warmth and enhances memory power. It makes the sperm thick and gets rid of spermathorrhoea and paralysis.

Useful in different diseases:

1. Toothache: Mix musk with costus root and rub it on the teeth. Its use provides quick relief.

2. Whooping cough: Take musk equal to mustard seed with butter. Its use gets rid of whooping cough.

3. Piles: Grind 1 gram musk, 40 grams worm wood and 20 grams toasted asafetida together. Add a little water in above mixture and make 40 tablets of this paste. Take 1-1 tablet twice a day. Its use gets rid of piles.

4. Uterus problems: If the uterus has replaced from its real place, grind equal quantity of musk and saffron with water and make tablets of this paste. Keep this tablet into the vagina before menstrual excretion regularly for 3 days. Its use gets rid of all problems pertaining to uterus’ problems.