Muscle Cramps



        The patient of this disease suffers from cramps in the muscles and this disease can occur in any portion of the body. This disease occurs mostly in feet.

Causes of muscle cramp:

  • Lack of vitamin ‘B’, ‘D’, calcium, potassium, magnesium and natural minerals is the main cause of this disease. 
  • Weak prophylactic power may be the cause of muscle cramp.
  • Mental tension, irritation and psychological cause may be the reasons of this disease.
  • A person becomes the victim of muscle cramp if hormones do not excrete from the body properly.
  • Excessive weakness may be the cause of this problem.

Natural treatment of muscle cramp:

  • The patient of this disease should take balanced diet. He should include fruits, salad, sprouted grains in sufficient quantity.
  • The patient should take such meal that contains magnesium and calcium in rich quantity.
  • Green leafy vegetables, milk, whey, khumani and sesame in his meal. The patient gets rid of this problem soon by doing so.
  • The patient should not take sour fruits.
  • Drinking Indian gooseberry juice regularly provides lots of relief to the patient.
  • Mix sesame in milk and drink. The patient gets lots of relief within some days.
  • The patient should do exercise in the morning regularly. The disease disappears by doing so.
  • The patient of this problem should massage his body with oil in the morning and evening and hot and cold bandages should be applied there. Thus, the disease is cured within some days by adopting natural treatment.