Mostly, Murex acts on the genitalia organs of the woman. In the medical field, it has proved that this medicine is very useful for the women full of affection and neuralgic stimulation. It ends weakness and makes the patient healthy.

Useful in various symptoms:

Mind related symptoms:

Murex is an excellent remedy in the cases of fast hunger with feeling of excessive fear and impatience. 

Stomach related symptoms:

Murex drug should be used in the cases of excessive hunger with compel of eating food and feeling emptiness in the stomach. It provides quick relief from above symptoms. 

Gynecology related symptoms:

Murex is the great remedy in the cases of excitement, feeling of shivering in the uterus, feeling as if something is pressing any painful segment of the pelvis, intensive pain caused by sitting, excessive excitement and pain from the right portion of the uterus to the left or right nipple, excessive excitement caused by touching the genitalia organs with uterus inflammation, irregularity of menstruations, menorrhagia, frequent excretion like blood clots, dilateness in the upper membrane of the uterus, replaced uterus, breasts pain is moved towards both the nipples and aggravates by lying, dysmenorrhoea, swelling in the internal portion of the uterus with replaced uterus, leucorrhoea with green or blood color excretion like pus, excessive mental problems, breasts wounds, sacrum pain and intensive pain with excretion during menses. The woman keeps her legs skew on each other caused by suffering from above symptoms again and again. 

Urine-related symptoms:

Murex drug is used in the cases of frequent urination, constant desire for urination and smell from urine like Bilaikand. It provides complete relief from above symptoms.


These symptoms aggravate by touching the suffered part.


Some properties of Platina, Lilium, sepia, etc. can be compared with Murex.


The patient should take 3rd to 30th potency of Murex for curing symptoms of diseases.