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Mimusops Hexandra

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Mulberry contains good quantity of vitamin-A, calcium, phosphorus and potassium.Introduction:

        The properties of mulberry and its syrup are equal. Mulberry reduces burning sensation and brings the phlegm out. It increases the amount of pure blood in the body and ends stomach worms. It increases digestion power and quenches thirst. It is useful in catarrh and throat diseases. Taking much quantity of mulberry is harmful for health. Mulberry contains good quantity of vitamin-A, calcium, phosphorus and potassium. Specially, mulberry is useful for those persons who suffer from acidity, joints’ pain and rheumatism. Mulberry syrup is used to make the medicines (made with mulberry) colorful and perfumed. Mulberry is used as a medicine in china for the treatment of kidney disability, exhaustation, anemia and hair greying. It ends urinary problems breaks constipation. Drinking mulberry juice improves eyesight. Apply this juice on the head, it thickens the hair.

Name in different languages:

English            -             Mulberry

Hindi               -             Shahtoot

Sanskrit           -             Toot, Sthool

Gujrati             -             Shetoot

Marathi            -             Santoot

Bengali            -             Toont

Persian            -             Shahtoot

Quality: Mulberry is tasty and cool natured. It eliminates vatta and pitta. It takes time in digestion.

Kind: There are two kinds of mulberry - big and small.

Useful in different diseases:

1. Bugs: The bugs run away if the leaves of mulberry are scattered over the coat.

2. Breast engorgement: Eating mulberry daily increases breast’s milk of those women who feed her babies. Mulberry contains good quantity of proteins and glucose.

3. Boil: Grind mulberry leaves with water and heat this paste. Tie this preparation on the boil. Suppurated boils bursts after its use and the wound heals up soon.

4. Blisters: Mix one spoon mulberry syrup in one cup of water. Gargling with this mixture removes the blisters and swelling of the throat.

5. Biliousness: Eat mulberry at noon in summer season to get rid of bile and blood disorders.

6. Itching and ringworms: Grind the leaves of mulberry tree and apply this paste on the affected part. Its use provides relief.

7. Change in urine color: If one has been suffering from yellow urine, mix sugar in the juice of mulberry and give to the patient to drink. Its use makes the color of the urine normal.

8. Sun-stroke: Eat mulberry regularly if you want to remain far from sun-strokes in summer season. Eating mulberry daily gets rid of burning sensation of the stomach, kidney and urination. Its use ends liver troubles and heals intestinal sores up. It also makes the head strong.

9. Sperm with urine: Grind nitre with mulberry juice and apply it on the abdomen. Its use stops the fluid of sperm with urine. 

10. Constipation:

  • Taking 50 to 100 ml decoction of mulberry’s peels twice a day breaks constipation and also ends stomach worms.
  • Drink the decoction of mulberry tree’s bark to make the stomach clear.

11. Stomatitis (Mouth blisters): Mix one spoon mulberry juice in one cup of water. Gargling with this mixture removes blisters and papules of the mouth.

12. Dyspepsia:

  • Chew 6 soft leaves of mulberry tree and take with water. Its use provides relief in dyspepsia.
  • Mix the powder of small pepper in mulberry syrup and drink to get relief in this disease.

13. Fever caused by bile: Drink mulberry juice or its syrup during bilious fever. Its use quenches thirst and reduces warmth. It also gets rid of nervousness.

14. Influenza (Fever caused by cold): Eat mulberry at noon in summer season. Its use gets rid of influenza.

15. Stomach worms: 

  • Drink the decoction of mulberry tree’s bark. Its use destroys stomach worms.
  • Stomach worms destroy by eating 100 grams mulberry.
  • Boil 20 grams mulberry and 20 grams peels of sour pomegranate in water. Drinking this mixture ends stomach worms.
  • Boil the root of mulberry tree in water. Drinking this preparation destroys intestinal worms.

16. Heart pulsation: Drink mulberry syrup to normalize heart pulsations.

17. Heart weakness:

  • The weakness of the heart ends by drinking mulberry syrup.
  • Mix 240 grams parvaal ash in 250 ml mulberry syrup. Drinking this mixture twice a day ends the weakness of the heart.

18. Body inflammation: A person gets rid of inflammation of the body by eating mulberry and drinking its syrup.

19. Phlegm: Taking 50 to 100 ml decoction of mulberry bark or 10 to 50 ml juice of mulberry fruits twice a day is very beneficial in cough and brings the phlegm out.

20. Scrofula: Drink mulberry syrup to get rid of scrofula and swelling of the mouth.

21. Throat’s pain: Drink mulberry syrup to get rid of throat pain and reduces dryness.

22. Strengthening of the body: Feed about one kilogram leaves of mulberry tree to the cow twice a day. Drink the milk of this cow. Its use enhances the power of the body and body becomes strong.

23. Enlargement of the tonsils: Mix one spoon of mulberry syrup in warm water. Gargling with this mixture normalizes enlarged tonsil.

24. Throat diseases: Drinking mulberry juice ends hoarseness and makes the voice clear. It is also beneficial in other diseases of the throat.

25. Inflammation of the throat: Sucking mulberry fruit or drinking its syrup reduces the inflammation of the throat.