The sentence, which is explained at a time through Mudras becomes very long if it is explained by speaking words.


Mudras are done in this way while dancing that whole sense (feeling) comes into the mind. The sentence, which is explained at a time through Mudras becomes very long if it is explained by speaking words. Minute postures of Mudra show all the feelings on the body. Here not only the body assumes in different shaped but also whole consciousness gets assumed in that form.............................

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Rules of mudra and importance of other activity :

The practice of mudra can be done any time from sun rising to sunrise to sunset. But, the time of the practice of mudra should be same every day. Do the practice of mudra on the same time for getting much benefit. But, if someone does the practice of this mudra in the morning regularly, it is very beneficial for the body..............................

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The condition between Pranayam and asana is called mudra because mudra is related to both asana and Pranayam. However, saints of ancient time described mudra powerful than asana and pranayam. The practice of yogasan makes the structure of bones of whole body strong whereas mudras are used to awaken Kundilini Power and to pierce Shata Chakra.............................

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Allopathic medicines do not cure any disease completely but they suppress the diseases for sometime. However, the diseases take birth again after sometime alongwith many other diseases. Keeping the body healthy completely is very necessary for every person because if the body is healthy, the mind will be healthy too...............................

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Saints of ancient time described mudra powerful than asana and pranayam.

There are sex glands in the both sides of the penis in males and similarly women also have sex glands in the both sides of the vagina. The portion between anus and urinary bladder is called Yonimandal. Just about from this place, there is portion of the backbone which is called Kanda. From this place nerves Eda and Pingla start.............................

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  Some other therapies :


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Ayurveda got popularity in north India and its creator was Lord Brahma. He gave this knowledge to Prajapati and Prajapati to Ashwin Kumar and Ashwin Kumars to Indra and Indra to Kashiraj Divodas Dhanvantri.


Homeopathy is a best treatment of disease, Founder of homeopathy, Hahnemann started his career with allopath. Allopathic is known by the name “Medicine of System” in ancient time. “Medicine of system” had been called allopathic by Hahnemann which had been accepted by all the doctors after sometime.


The origination of human being is made by nature. The nature also gives life to each plant, animal and human being. Perhaps that is the reason why nature is called mother. If the rules of nature are not followed properly, we have to face bad consequences.


Several epics, Upnishads, Purans and Gita depict about yoga. Different ways have been depicted in all the epics related to yoga but the aim of all is one and that is making the mind and body healthy and calm. Practice of yoga is as necessary for all the people as water, food and wind are. Practise of yoga is for only the yogis.

Ladies beauty

Everyone wants all types of comforts and happiness in his life, but does not want any sorrow or pain even around him. For making this wish true, facial beauty plays very important role.

Sex therapy

Sexologists consider that both male and female have different point of views about sex. Often, the people define sex on the bases of their education or knowledge. Sexologists have found about sex after analyzing the views of people relating to this matter that a person thinks about sex