Mouth Blisters



         In this disease, redness appears from the tongue to the throat inside the mouth and sores and blisters appear into the mouth. The patient feels lots of problem due to this disease. This disease is known by several other names in English language as ulcer, sour throat, feringitis, angina, simatlex, simple angina, etc.

Cause of the origin of mouth blisters:

         Accumulation of stool in the stomach is the main cause of the origin of mouth blisters. Cold and gastric diseases may be the causes of this disease. Besides it, excessive smoking may be the cause of mouth blisters.

Natural treatment of mouth blisters:

  • The patient should keep fast for some days regularly to get rid of this disease. He should take juice of fruits during fast and stomach should be cleansed by adopting enema. Thereafter, colic bath (Udar Snan) should be taken for two days regularly. Wet bandage should be kept on the waist at night. Mud pack should be applied on the abdomen.
  • The patient should wash his feet with hot water for some days.
  • Steam should be given inside the mouth and on the face but a wet towel should be kept on the head while taking steam. Do this process thrice a day.
  • The patient should drink water as much as he can for the treatment of this disease.
  • The patient should eat simple and easily digestive food. 
  • Mix water of blue, yellow, sky blue and green colored bottle which has been kept in sunlight. Twenty nine grams water should be given to the patient 6 times in a day. Thereafter, mix dark blue and green colored bottle which have been kept in sunlight properly. Gargle with this water for thirty minutes. The disease disappears within some time.