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Neval mosambi is considered best in America. Malta’s peel and juice is red. Its fruit lives fresh till one or half month. Introduction:

         Mosambi is used as a nutritive food. There are three kinds of it as: 1. Neval, 2. Jumaika, 3. Malta. By engrafting it, has been the different kind of it now a days. Neval mosambi is considered best in America. Malta’s peel and juice is red. Its fruit lives fresh till one or half month. It is a kind of lemon but it is more useful than lemon. Its fruit is like orange in size. It is called Mussami or Mousami in Mumbai and Gujarat. It is called sweet lemon (Meetha Neembu) in Uttar Pradesh. It is used to make soap, wine and other drinking liquids. The oil which is prepared from its peel flies early. So, its oil is used after mixing olive oil.

Taste: Mosambi is much sweet than orange. It is cool in nature.

Nature: It is useful for all the people.

Mosambi’s elements:

Elements Quantity Elements Quantity
Protein 1.5 Percent Vitamin-C 63 mg. /100 gm.
Fat 1 Percent Iron 0.3 mg. / 100 gm.
Carbohydrate 10.9 Percent Phosphorus 0.02 percent
Water 84.9 percent Calcium 0.09 percent
Vitamin –A 26 I.U.    

Harmful: Taking its juice regularly for some days causes loose-motion with naturally.

Quality: Mosambi increases appetite, sperm count and purifies blood. It is nutritive, digestible and excites the heart. It provides coolness and quenches thirst. Taking it after eating complete food provides relief in digesting. Its juice can be prepared with the help of small juicer machine. Heating slightly its juice should be taken. Squeezing two spoon of ginger juice in one glass of mosambi juice can be taken. It is useful for winter.


  • Drinking its juice increases life power.
  • It fights with body diseases.
  • Its juice helps to ends blood acidity because it has much quantity of alkali.
  • Eating mosambi makes teeth strong and its silk helps to eliminate constipation.
  • Its juice contains many elements.

Useful in Different Diseases:

1. Coryza: Drinking mosambi juice is useful to get relief in cold or coryza. Mix lukewarm juice of mosambi and five drops juice of ginger together and take, it provides relief in this disease.

2. To get body Power: Its juice provides power to the body, and activeness to the brain and heart. By taking its juice, body does not become weak in fever and other diseases. Eating mosambi throws out poison of body. It eliminates constipation, headache, dullness, tiredness, sleeplessness and other diseases. Mix juice of mosambi and milk and give to the children, it is very useful for children.

3. Blood Disorders: Its juice filters blood. It is useful for skin diseases.

4. Asthma or Breathe: Mix mosambi juice with half part of water, cumin seeds and dry ginger and take, it provides relief in cough and asthma.

5. Fever: Drinking its juice provides much relief in fever.

6. Cough:  Drink mosambi juice for some time; it cures cough, cold and coryza.

7. Gastric Ulcer: Mix juice of mosambi and lemon and take, it provides relief in stomach ulcer.

8. Pregnant Meal: Mosambi fruit contains much quantity of calcium. Its juice provides power to pregnant women and her child.

9. Diarrhea: Taking one cup juice of mosambi twice a day is beneficial to get relief in diarrhea.

10. Blood Amoebic Dysentery: Drinking its juice is useful to check blood amoebic dysentery.

11. Rheumatism: Drinking two cups juice of mosambi regularly twice a day is useful to cure rheumatism.

12. Blood High Pressure: By taking juice of mosambi the fear of heart fails ends, because cholesterol does not be gathered in blood pipes.

13. Heart Weakness: Mosambi’s panchang juice provides power and freshness to the brain and heart. Taking it regularly keeps blood-arteries soft and smooth. It throws out cholesterol which chokes in blood arteries. It provides fresh blood, vitamins and essential minerals to body. Mosambi is best to provide power to heart, blood system and blood arteries.

14. Heart Diseases:

  • Take half cup juice of mosambi regularly after breakfast; it provides much relief in heart diseases.
  • It enhances body power and cures heart diseases and take regularly, it throws out cholesterol from the blood. It is useful for hear-fail. Thus, it makes powerful to the heart and blood system.

15. Jaundice: Drinking mosambi juice is useful to get relief in jaundice. Drinking it with glucose provides more benefits.

16. Cracked Lips: Rub mosambi juice 2-3 times a day on the lips; it ends the lips blackness. It makes the lips natural red.

17. Pimples: Applying ground peel of mosambi on the face is useful to cure this disease.