Monkey Fruit



Color: Monkey fruit has yellow redness and its kernels are white and red.

Taste: It is sour.

Structure: The trees of monkey fruit are very high and long. Its trees are found in the gardens. Its leaves are like the ficus rumphi blume (pakhar). Its fruits have burls. Its fruits are round and equal the wood apple. Its raw fruit is green which turns into yellow after ripping. Its fruit has 10-12 white seeds. It is a kind of jackfruit. Its fruit is called “Lakuch”.

Nature: According to Ayurveda, its raw fruit is hot and ripe fruit is cool for the body. According to Greek medical science, its raw fruit is cool and ripe fruit is hot.

Precaution: Taking over quantity of monkey fruit is harmful for bodily humour (dhatu).

Removing side-effects: Shikanzween is used for removing the side-effects of monkey fruit.

Quality: According to Ayurveda, its raw fruit is hot for the body and takes time in digestion. It eliminates gas, phlegm and bile. It is the cause of impurity in blood. Monkey fruit is harmful for eyesight and reduces sperm count and digestion power.

Ripe monkey fruit: It eliminates gas (Vatta) and bile. It increases the phlegm, digestion power and sperm count.

Seed of monkey fruit: It makes children polite. Giving monkey fruit with mother milk to child causes loose motions. It causes fever due to phlegm.

Useful in different diseases:

1. Wound: Wash wound with its bark’s decoction and spray the powder of its bark on the wound. After that, tie a bandage on the wound to get quick relief.