Momordica Dioica



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Mostly, momordica dioica grows on the hilly area. It is a saag (green cooked vegetable) of rainy season.Introduction:

      Mostly, momordica dioica grows on the hilly area. It is a saag (green cooked vegetable) of rainy season. There is a creeper of momordica dioica which grows itself in the forest and spreads. It has two kinds-male and female. Its saag is very tasty and useful. The saag of soft momordica dioica is delicious and people like it. Its saag which is prepared with hot spices or garlic is very tasty. A person does not become the victim of gas trouble by eating this saag.

There is a half foot long burl on the root of momordica dioica plant in the soil which is used as medicine. Take 1 to 5 grams tuber-root of momordica dioica with sugar or honey. It is useful medicine. Over quantity of its tuber-root may be the cause of vomiting.

According to scientists: The root of momordica dioica plant alleviates poisoning and ends swelling. Momordica dioica is used to cure diseases and constipation. It also purifies the blood.

Colour: Raw momordica dioica is green which turns into red colour after ripening.

Taste: It is bitter.

Structure: Momordica dioica is a creeper which grows itself in the forests. Its fruits have soft thorns.

Nature: It is hot in nature.

Precautions: Over quantity of momordica dioica may be harmful for the hot natured persons.

Removing side effects: Coriander removes its all side effects.

Comparison: Momordica dioica can be compared with fig tree.


The fruits of momordica dioica are used to prepare cooked vegetable which is eaten. Momordica dioica increases appetite and eliminates vatta, kapha and pitta. Take its leaves to enhance digestion power. Momordica dioica is used for the treatment of leprosy, cough, and colic pain, spermathorrhoea, breathing problems, fever and piles. It gets rid of pain too.

Useful in different diseases:

1. Phlegm: Take the powder of momordica dioica’s fruits. Its use brings the phlegm out from the chest. It cures erysipelas, constipation, blood disorders and cough. It is also beneficial in painful eyes.

2. Tumors of the breast: Grind the fruit of momordica dioica with warm water. Apply this preparation on the breast’s tumors. Tumors of the nipples disappear by its use.

3. Headache:

  • Make a paste by grinding the leaves of momordica dioica with black pepper and red sandal. Mix coconut water in this paste and apply it on the head. Headache disappears by its use.
  • Grind the fruit of momordica dioica with honey and rub it on the head. A person gets rid of headache after its use.

4. Jaundice: Smell the powder of dried momordica dioica. Its use gets rid of jaundice. A person sneezes and emits dirty water of brain after its use. This medicine gets rid of head and nasal diseases.

5. Poison: If snake or other poisonous insect bites to someone, grind the fruit of banjh momordica dioica with water and give it to the victim and apply its paste on the bitten portion. Its use alleviates poisoning. It can be used for alleviating any types of poisoning.

6. Rat poison: If a rat bites someone, apply a paste of dried momordica dioica’s leaves on the affected part and drink a decoction of its tuber-root. Its use alleviates rat poisoning.

7. Cough: Eat cooked vegetable of momordica dioica. Its use brings the phlegm out and is beneficial in cough, fever and anorexia. It also eliminates stomach gas and gets rid of stomachache.

8. Piles:

  • Make the powder by grinding dried momordica dioica. Regular use of this powder provides relief in piles and diarrhoea.
  • Take 10 grams powder of momordica dioica’s fruits and sugar with water twice a day for a few days. Its use gets rid of piles.

9. Digestion power: The momordica dioica, which grows in rainy season, contains good quantity of water. So, mix garlic while cooking vegetable of momordica dioica and eat. Its use enhances digestion power. If someone is the victim of from vatta because of eating its cooked vegetable, mix garlic in the vegetable and then eat.

10. Fever: Eat cooked vegetable of momordica dioica to get rid of fever. Apply its paste on the body. This application reduces the pain caused by fever.

11. Tumour: Grind the burl of momordica dioica, the root of bitter Indian colocynth plant and root of bitter-gourd plant with water to prepare a paste. Apply this paste on the tumors. Its use provides relief soon.