Moisturizing is done after cleansing and toning the face properly. Cells existed in our skin start to become weak gradually after the age of 30 years. Humidity of our cells nourishes our skin because of which our skin remains soft and beautiful. If there is no humidity in the skin, the skin becomes dry and wrinkles start to appear on the skin. In this situation, a person appears old before time. Several kinds of creams and lotions of different companies are available in the market. Skin can be kept healthy for long time by using these creams and lotions.     


  • Mix one lemon juice, 4 spoons glycerin and some rosewater properly and then fill into a bottle. Apply this preparation on the hands after completing works. 
  • Fill 10 kernels of almond, some cucumber juice, single spoon of cream, and one spoon honey, six seeds of cuddapa almond and cream of raw milk into a bottle. Keep this preparation on the face for sometime and then wash face. This preparation improves face glow and the skin gets complete nourishment. 


         Using moisturizer in winter season is very good for dry and simple skin. The skin remains far from wrinkles because of the presence of humidity in the skin. Apply moisturizer on the face thrice a day for dry skin. If you are to go out, you should apply moisturizer before the make up.

How to apply moisturizer:

        Take a little cream or lotion in your hands and apply all over the face with the help of fingers’ tips. Apply it properly by moving finger in a circular way. The face becomes shiny and fresh after its use.


        Moisturizer is very beneficial in winter season when skin becomes dry.