Mitchella repens




Mitchella repens acts effectively on the genitalia organs of the woman.

Mitchella repens is used for curing many types of disease like- menorrhagia during menses, scanty and delayed menstrual secretion, dysuria and problems in the upper membrane of the uterus.

Useful in various symptoms:

Urine related symptoms:

Mitchella repens should be used in the cases of stimulation in the mouth of the uterus along with desire for urination, dysuria and discharge of substance like phlegm from the urinary bladder. It provides quick relief from above symptoms.

Gynecology related symptoms:

Mitchella repens is an excellent remedy in the cases of swelling in the upper membrane of the uterus, dysmenorrhoea and bleeding from the uterus.


Some properties of Yuva, Jereni, Gossipium, Senesi, Chimaphilla, etc. can be compared with Mitchella repens.


Mother tincture of Mitchella repens should be used for curing symptoms of diseases.