Mineral water bath


          When the earth absorbs rain water, it goes down by dissolving all the soluble minerals (which are found in the way). This water is called internal water. These types of mineral water sources have been seen at many places. People use this water with great faith and devotion. Cascades of these types of minerals are also found in Rajgiri and the water of this place is very sweet and nutritive. The food is digested soon and easily by using water of this type of mineral water source. Its use generates good appetite. However, the use of this type of water in excessive quantity may be harmful but taking bath by this water is much useful.

          We should take bath with the water of river or ponds as we take bath with the mineral water. The complexion becomes fair and the disease disappears. A person, who has been suffering from rheumatism, should take bath with mineral water because bath with this water is very beneficial.