Mimusops Kauki



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Name in different languages:

Hindi         -       Khirni Badi

Sanskrit     -       Vasantduti

Marathi      -       Kaki, Khirni

Latin          -       Mimusops kauki


        The fruits of mimusops kauki are not sweet. Its fruit only contains enough quantity of adhesive milk. Bark of its tree also contains good quantity of milk. Its bark and root are used in the case of diarrhoea.





Name in different languages:

Hindi                 -               Khirni, Khinni

Sanskrit             -               Rajadn, Akshirini, Rajnya

Marathi              -               Khirani, Rajan, Rayan

Bengali              -               Akshir Khejur, Akshirni, Rajani

Gujrati               -               Ray raan kokdi

Latin                 -               Mimusops hexandra  


        Mimusops hexandra is pungent in taste. Its fruits are sweet in taste and hot in nature. It normalizes vatta, pitta and kapha. It increases appetite and physical strength. It is used for the treatment of giddiness, illusion, cough, vomiting, heart problems, fever, swelling and wounds. It checks brain disability and prevents discharging pus. It also prevents discharging sperm count and bleeding.