Mimusops Hexandra




      The trees of oberyusleaved mimusopsops are like elloopatree. In India, its trees are found in Utter Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Bihar and Tamilnadu. Its fruits are like neem fruits. It is very hot in nature and sweet in taste. It has milk too. Wood of its tree is very strong and smooth.

      Its flowers blossom in the months of September-December and fruits grow in the months of April-June. The germs originate in the fruits in the rainy season. Its tree keeps green for many years. The age of oberyusleaved mimusopsops tree is very long.

Name in different languages:

English              -              Oberyusleaved mimusopsops

Sanskrit            -               Rajadni

Gujrati               -               Rayan      

Bengali             -               Kshirni or Khirkhejur

Marathi             -               Khirni or Ranjni

Kannada          -                Khirnimara

Latin                 -               Masusopsehegajaka

Colour: Its fruits are yellow and red in color.

Taste: It is sweet and vapid in taste.

Structure: Its tree is big like elloopatree and fruits are like neem fruits.

Nature: It is cool and hot in nature.

Precautions: Taking over quantity of oberyusleaved mimusopsops may be the cause of arthritis.

Compare: It can be compared with gulakanda.