(Chhuee Muee*)

Mimosa is cool in nature and pungent in taste.It ends blood disorders caused by bile, diarrhoea and vagina diseases.Different name:

        Mimosa is also known by several names as- Lajjalu, Lajwanti, Namskari, Sharmani and Lajwati.


       It is cool in nature and pungent in taste. It ends blood disorders caused by bile, diarrhoea and vagina diseases.

Mimosa is useful n different diseases:

1. Leucorrhea : Giving about 18 to 28 milliliters decoction of mimosa’s panchang (Root, flowers, leaves, stem and fruit) to the woman with milk twice a day is useful to prevent leucorrhea.
2. Wound : Heat the juice of mimosa leaves with sesame oil and apply it on the wound. Using this process is useful to cure wound soon.
3. Loose motions:

  • Mix 3 grams powder of mimosa root with curd and give it to the patient, it stops bloody loose motions.
  • Make a decoction by boiling equal quantity of mimosa root, woodfordia floribunda lodh and smilax zeylanica with water. Common loose motions and bloody loose motions are prevented by taking this decoction.
  • Make fine powder by grinding mimosa root, woodfordia floribunda, kernel of Bengal quince fruit, dried pomegranate seeds and black salt 2 grams each together. Take 1-3 grams from this powder with honey and drink rice water or boiled rice water. Using this process provides relief in loose motions, torsion of stomach and provides relief in stomachache.