Milk Hedge



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        There are many kinds of milk hedge. Its stem and branches are thorny. Its plants are planted around the gardens for fence. There are many kinds of milk hedge. Its stem and branches are thorny. Its plants are planted around the gardens for fence. Milk hedge has many kinds but Thuhar and Sij are important. The branches of milk hedge tree are thin and soft. Milk hedge has other kinds also as Tridhara, Chaturdhara, Panch, Shashth, Chaturdash and Vinsh dhara. Tridhara milk hedge is a famous herb which is mostly found in dry regions all over India. Its branches have three and five lines. Its leaves are very small and there are some plants also without leaves.

Name in different languages:

English             :      Milk hedge

Hindi                :      Sehund, Thuhar

Sanskrit            :      Sehund, Sudha, Samant, Dugdha, Snuhi

Gujrati              :      Kandalo, Thor

Marathi             :      Vay niydoing

Bengali             :      Mansasij

Punjabi             :      Thor, Thohar, Dande

Malayalam        :      Elleikalli

Arabic              :      Jakum

Structure: The tree of milk hedge is 6 to 20 feet high. Its stem and branches are thorny and globular. Many branches sprout from its one stem. Its thorns are small with small leaves and grow in a series or its stems lines. Its leaves are 6 to 12 inches long, thick in clusters. Its flowers are green with paleness.


Milk hedge is purgative and pungent. It reduces the burning sensation and other diseases of the stomach. It is expectorant and checks vatta disorders. It is a good remedy in colic pain, insanity, leprosy, spermathorrhoea, hemorrhoids, swelling, obesity, jaundice, boils, pimples and fever. It removes the stone and alleviates poisoning.

Milk hedge’s milk: Its milk is stimulant, greasy, pungent and light. It is beneficial in colic pain, leprosy, stomach diseases and constipation.

Milk hedge’s stem: The stem of milk hedge tree has many thorns. According to Charak, the stem of milk hedge covered with several thorns is very spicy. One should cut 2-3 years’ old tree of milk hedge with an axe or other object at the departure of autumn for obtaining its milk. Milk hedge, dalbergia sissoo (shisham), bastard teak and triphala are good medicines for the treatment of obesity and sperm disability. Milk hedge is the best medicine in spermathorrhoea, hemorrhoids, jaundice and diabetes.

Useful in different diseases:

1. Germs of the teeth: Grind milk hedge or caraway and rub it on the tooth. Pyllitory root can also be used in place of milk hedge or caraway. Its use destroys the germs of tooth and gets rid of acute toothache.

2. Hemorrhoids: Mix the fine powder of turmeric in the milk of milk hedge. Soak a yarn in this preparation and dry it in shadow. Tie the warts of piles with the help of this yarn. Blood keeps on coming from the warts of piles for 4-5 days when they are tied with this thread. Warts of piles fall down after fading. Weak patients should not use this medicine.

3. Fistula: Mix the milk of milk hedge, madar milk and turmeric together. Make a wick of this mixture. Keeping this wick in the sinus gets rid of fistula.

4. Toothache:

  • Sometimes, tooth falls down caused by germs but a small tooth piece remains in the gum which causes acute pain. Apply its milk on the remaining tooth piece. The remaining portion will come out after its application.
  • Chew the root of milk hedge tree and keep it between the teeth. Toothache disappears by its use.           

5. Delivery: A woman will give birth to a child easily if the milk of milk hedge tree is applied on the hand and feet.

6. Diseases of mouth palate:

  • Apply the milk of milk hedge on the mouth palate. Its use provides relief in this disease.
  • Apply the milk of milk hedge on the affected portion to get desired result.

7. Wound: Burn old milk hedge and grind its ash with water to prepare paste. Apply this paste on the boils caused by hot liquid. The victim gets a lot of relief by its use.

8. Arthritis: Taking the decoction of milk hedge root provides relief.

9. Sinus: Grind the Indian berberry with the milk of milk hedge and madar. Make a wick of this mixture. Keeping this wick in the sinus gets rid of sinus.

10. Elephantiasis: Grind the leaves of milk hedge tree and mix salt in it. Take 20 grams this mixture regularly to get relief in elephantiasis.

11. Pain in the naval: Mix sesame oil in the milk of milk hedge and apply it on the affected portion. Its use gets rid of naval pain.

12. Swelling of the body: Rub the juice of milk hedge’s leaves on the body to reduce swelling.     

13. Constipation:

  • Mix black peppers and cloves or pipal bhinga in milk hedge’s milk. Store it after drying. Take these cloves or black peppers to break constipation and makes the stomach clean.
  • Mix 2 drops milk of milk hedge, gram flour, honey and milk together. Make small tablet of this mixture. Take these tablets to get rid of constipation. A person excretes stool easily after its use.

14. Loose motions: Envelop red yarn around the root of milk hedge tree and tie it around the waist. A person gets rid of loose motions by doing so.

15. Ascites: Mix myrolelans, long pepper, Indian jalap and milk hedge’s milk together and immerse in water. Take this mixture to get relief in ascites, stomach swelling and flatulence.

16. Stomachache: Drink the decoction of milk hedge tree’s root. Its use gets rid of stomachache.

17. Moles and warts:

  • Apply milk of tidhra milk hedge on moles and warts to remove them.
  • Apply the milk of milk hedge’s thorns on the moles and warts of the face. They disappear by its use.