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[ M ] Related Medicines:



Milk of Goat

Myrabalan Chebulie

Mint (Podina*)

Mountain Ebony

Megim (Aparajita*)

Marigold (Genda*)

Morinda Citrifolia

Mango Ginger

Mica (Abhrak*)

Malabar Nut

Milk Hedge




Monks Hood

Monkey Fruit

Millet (Baajra*)

Male Bamboo

Mexican Tea

Mimosa Cinerea


Myrrh (Bol*)

Marsilea Minuta

Mongara Rice


Malabar Catmint

Magnet (Chumbak*)

Marod Fali*

Mattha Kalpa*

Myrtus Communis

Mokha Fruit

Mother Milk

Maiden Hair

Mace (Javitri*)

Myrua Arenaria

Magacarpea Polyandra

Malabaro Nutmeg

Mollugo Oppogitifolia

Millet (Juaar*)

Macrotomia Benthami

Musk Mallow

Melia Azedarach

Moss(Kaee*) Scum

Musk (Kasturi*)

Mustard Oil

Milk Hedge-Sehund


Momordica Dioica

Momordica Dioica Roaxb

Musk Mallow

Mimusops Hexandra

Mimusops Kauki

Mimusops Hexandra

Musk Jasmine





Maddar Root

Maize (Makka*)

Mosambi (Mausami*)

Milk Hedge-khurasani

Mercury (Para)

Mala Fern

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      Milk contains all nutritious vitamins except only vitamin C. So, the milk is an entire food. Mother’s milk is the best than all milks while cow milk is at second position. People like the milk for a long time. Milk is called ‘The nectar of earth’. Milk contains all nutritious vitamins except only vitamin C. So, the milk is an entire food. Mother’s milk is the best than all milks while cow milk is at second position. Cow milk is the best for suffered people. The people who are suffering from acidity or low digestion system should drink milk boiled with dry ginger, cardamom, long pepper, piper root and others spices. If one boils milk for a long time, its nutrient elements become less and the milk turns into thick.

      Cream is made by boiling milk. Cream is heavy, cool and vigour provider. It quenches thirst and increases phlegm, enhances sperm count. It ends Vaata and Pitta disorders and blood disorder due to bile. The milk boiled with jaggery is useful to end Anuria and Dysuria (Urine burning sensation). The milk of morning is heavy and cool than the evening milk. Taking milk at night cures tuberculosis (T.B.) and increases brain power and sperm count of the old people.

        Milk is useful for burning natured people, weak persons, children, youths and old persons. It increases sperm count early. Buffalo milk is heavy in digest because it has excessive fat. According to Charak, cow milk is delicious, cool, sweet and heavy and keeps the brain happy.

       Nanny-goat milk is pungent, sweet, cool and light. It keeps the brain happy. It cures diarrhea, tuberculosis, cough and fever, and ends blood disorder due to bile. Nanny-goat is short in height, and eats bitter and sour food, drinks less water and works more. Therefore, its milk is useful to cure different type of diseases. It is considered that healthy nanny-goat milk is very anti-biotic. Goat milk digests early than cow milk. So, it is useful for small children.

       Mother milk is light, cool and ends burning sensation, gas, bile disorder, eyes diseases and pain. Dripping the drops of its milk in the eyes is very useful.

       Therefore, different creature’s milk has different qualities. Buffalo milk provides deep sleepiness. Nanny-goat milk ends cough and cures diarrhea and fever. Ewe-goat is useful to end syphilis (warmth) and stone. Mare milk is hot and provides power. She camel milk cures dropsy. Jenny milk provides power to the children and makes the heart strong. It is also useful to cure cough.

        According to Greek Treatment, the milk is digestible and keeps the heart and brain happy. It makes the heart soft and strong and increases body charming and body strength. It is useful to cure the piles, tuberculosis and the diseases of old people.

         Milk Kalp and milk diet: Milk is an entire diet. It has all essential elements. Cow milk is the best in all type of milks. On condition that, if good fodder should be given to the cow, buffalo, nanny goat, and take care in during milk, these are healthy. Therefore, their milk should be taken from directly udder or one time boiled their milk.  

         It is a small difference between the milk diet and milk Kalp. One can take other foods with milk in the milk diet, but in the milk Kalp, one can take only milk according to rule and scheme.

Useful in Different Diseases:

1. Child health: If any child is weak or suffers from rickets, you should give milk mixed with almond to the suffered child. It is very useful medicine to cure rickets and end weakness.

2. Tonic: Boil 250 grams small pieces of carrot in half litre milk and take this preparation, it digests milk early. It cleans the stomach and increases iron quantity in the blood.

3. Feeling weakness after involving sexual intercourse: Mix one glass of milk, five almonds and one spoon of pure ghee together. After that, take it after involving sexual intercourse. It increases body energy. Taking milk mixed with about ¼ gram saffron regularly in the winter season is useful to end impotence.

4. Acidity:

  • Cold milk should be drunk thrice a day to get relief in acidity.
  • The use of milk of cow or nanny goat is beneficial to eliminate acidity. The use of buffalo is harmful so it should not be used.
  • Mix half glass of raw milk, half glass of water and 2 pieces ground cardamom together and take it in the morning. It provides benefit in acidity.

5. Tiredness: One glass of hot milk should be drunk to end tiredness.

6. For charming Lips: Mix one spoon of raw milk (stream) with some saffron. Rub this mixture on the lips, it ends blackness and makes the lips charming.

7. Face beauty:

  • Rub with hot milk on the face before sleeping at night and wash face with water after half hour, it increases face beauty and removes acne.
  • You should rub with hot milk on the face, and wash the face with lukewarm water after half an hour. It is useful to remove acnes, pimples, ulcers and marks. It increases the face beauty. Rubbing with foam of raw milk (Fresh) on the face removes the face marks. Milk cream should be rubbed on the face at bed time for removing pimples, acnes and marks.

8. Itching: Mix water in milk and soak a cotton piece in it. Rub it on the body, after some time take bathe. It ends itching.

9. Migraine:

  • Eating Jalebi (Sweetmeat) or Rabdi with hot milk before sun-rising is useful to end migraine.
  • Mix 50 ml nanny goat milk and 50 ml juice of Flavieria repanda and put this mixture in sunlight. After that, mix about 5 grams black pepper powder in it and rub it on the head, it ends migraine.

10. Eyes diseases: Immerse a cotton piece in milk and put it on the eyes. It provides relief in eye hurt, burning sensation, foreign body in eyes and eyes pain.

11. Foreign body in eyes: If any straw or other things have fallen in the eyes and it is not turning out, you should drip three drops of milk in the suffered eye. Milks oiliness throws out straw things.

12. Diseases of the breathing pipe: Put 5 piece of pipal in milk and boil it and after that put sugar in it and take it in the morning and evening. It cures many disease of the breathing pipe as cough, catarrh, asthma, lungs weakness, sperm weakness and others.

13. Sperm: Take one banana with ten grams pure ghee and after that take milk in the breakfast. Take two bananas and about 30 grams date palms and one spoon of pure ghee at noon and after that take milk. Using this experiment regularly increases sperm quantity in the body.

14. Bladder diseases: Taking milk with jaggery is beneficial to cure the bladder diseases.

15. Dentition: Give a little quantity of water to the baby after suckling. Give some water after eating any thing to the child and give gurgle. It protects to decay teeth. 

16. Loose-motion: If any child has been suffering from loose-motion, give one pinch of cinnamon’s powder with hot milk to it. It prevent diarrhea. Elders should take its double quantity.

17. Best time for taking the milk: Milk should be drunk in the morning. It digests food according to the sun raises. So don’t drink milk at night. Normally, one should drink milk before three hours of sleeping at night. Taking excessive quantity of milk at night may be cause of night-fall.

18. How to drink milk: Taking fresh milk is the best. If it is impossible, you should drink hot milk. As heat the milk as you can take. Boiling over milk can ends its natural qualities. The boiled milk which has very much quantity of foams is very tasty.

19. Milk sweetness: The milk mixed with sugar increases phlegm. Often, people drink sugar mixed milk. Mixing sugar in milk ends its calcium. So, one should not mix sugar in the milk. The milk has natural sweetness. By taking vapid milk, we start on feeling natural sweetness for some time so we do not need to mix sugar in it. As for as, don’t mix sugar in the milk. If one needs sweetness, he mixes juice of sugar-cane, glucose, honey, juice of sweet fruits and soaked dry grapes in milk. Taking milk mixed with sugar-powder (Boora) or sugar-candy ends Tridoshas and increases sperm count.

20. Milk is easy digestive: Many people or children can not digest milk or they don’t like it. They can take milk boiled with one long pepper or mixed honey. It does not cause stomach gas. Milk digests earlier. Drink milk mixed with orange (Narangi or Mousami) juice. Or one should drink milk and after that take orange, it digests early.  If milk causes flatulence (Baadi) and stomach gas, take milk with some ginger pieces or dry ginger powder and raisins.

21. In which disease, milk should not be taken: In the disease of cough, loose motion, asthma, dysentery, stomachache and indigestion, milk should not be taken. In which only whey should be taken.

22. Fresh milk: Drink fresh milk mixed with sugar-candy or honey and soaked raisins regularly for 40 days. Taking this mixture increases sperm count and eyesight. It is also useful to cure cough, ligament weakness, rickets, tuberculosis, hysteria, heartbeat disturbance and other diseases. This milk is very useful for small children.

23. Sexual improvement: Taking milk before going to bed at night regularly for three months increases sexual desire and sexual power in the male and female. It also increases sex-time. Taking milk with honey is also useful in increment of sperm count.

24. Teeth problems of child: The baby who drinks the milk of other creatures gets decay in teeth early, because sugar is mixed in milk that causes decay in teeth. So, mother should suckle to her baby.

26. Anuria and dysuria:

  • If someone has been suffering from anuria and dysuria caused by eating hot natured things in the summer, he should mix fresh milk with water and take it.
  • If someone has been suffering from anuria and dysuria caused by eating hot natured things in summer, mix 250 ml milk and 250 ml water and take it. It provides benefit.

27. Importance of the milk: Taking milk 15-20 times in a day is beneficial to get relief in all type of diseases.

28. Some other experiments of the cow milk:

  • Taking cow milk boiled with ghee, dry ginger and black grapes cures is useful cure chronic fever.
  • Take cow milk boiled with sugar-candy and black pepper powder, it cures catarrh.
  • Mix 100 ml milk with five grams dry ginger powder, boil it and add sugar. Taking prepared medicine before going to the bed at night is useful to remove bile disorders.
  • Taking condensed milk mixed with sugar is useful to cure migraine.
  • Blood disorder due to bile can be ended by taking cow milk boiled with five folds water.
  • Boil cow milk with equal water until remain only milk then filter it. After that, taking it cures dysentery.
  • Fresh milk of cow should be given with ghee and sugar-candy to the child. It provides relief in fever of chicken pox.
  • Grind dry ginger in cow milk and apply it on the head. It ends headache within 7-8 hours.
  • Soak a cotton piece in cow milk and tie it on the eyes, it ends eyes pain.

29. The things which can use with milk: Taking ripe mango, gruel, fruit’s root (Zamikand), pomegranate, grapes, dried date palm (Chhuara), cardamom, clove, cubeb, sugar-candy and others with the boiled milk is useful.

30. Adverse things of the milk: Banana, pine-apple, black berry, radish, coriander, garlic, hoarse-bean, whey, curd, tamarind and mango bitterness (Amchoor) should not be used with milk.

31. Hernia: Mix boiled milk with 25 ml cow urine and equal loaf-sugar and take, it cures hernia.

32. Hydrocele: Taking one glass of hot milk with 25 ml castor oil is useful to normalize the testicles.

33. Conjunctivitis:

  • Grind clean root of nut-grass (Nagarmotha) with milk to make the paste. After that, apply this paste over the eyes, it provides relief in eye redness or conjunctivitis.
  • Dripping 1-2 drops of mother milk in suffered eye is useful to get relief in conjunctivitis.

34. Breathe or Asthma:

  • One should drink thin milk after mixing long pepper to cure asthma.
  • Taking only lukewarm milk or lukewarm water makes the phlegm thin and throws out.
  • If someone has been suffering from asthma fits, sink both legs of the patient in water. It provides quick relief and makes breath normal.

35. Lungs diseases: Boil milk after putting five pieces long pepper in it and after that add loaf-sugar. Taking this mixture twice a day regularly cures cough and ends lungs weakness. Patient should use this experiment for some months.

36. Fever: Taking milk or juice of dried grape mixed with cassia fistula (Amaltas) juice is useful to cure fever.

37. Eye canker: Mix 6 to 10 grams Panchtikta ghee with cold milk. This medicine can be used twice a day to cure eyes canker (Nasoor).

38. Cough:

  • Boil 250 ml milk, 125 ml water, powder of one turmeric knot and jaggery according to need with water in a vessel until remain only milk then put down and filter it. One should take lukewarm this mixture. It is successful treatment to cure cough completely.
  • Taking 100 grams Jalebi boiled with 400 ml milk is beneficial to get relief in dry cough.
  • Put 5 pieces pipal in milk and boil it and take after mixing sugar in it in the morning and evening daily. It cures cough.

39. Corneal Opacity: Boil lotus, stamen, grapes, Kakoli root, and liquorices root (Yashtimadhu), and Indian kudzu root with milk. Drip 2-4 drops in the eye, it provides relief in corneal opacity.

40. Keratitis: Dripping buffalo milk in the suffered eye drop by drop ends swelling, eye pain, eye redness and others diseases.

41. Dentition:

  • The child who has been suffering from diarrhoea at dentition period, tond milk should be given to it. Avoid buffalo milk in dentition.
  • Give lukewarm milk mixed with a little quantity of Janm Ghutti to the child at dentition period. It ends stomach pain and constipation.

42. Starting pain caused by warmth: Dripping mother milk in the eyes is useful to end disturbance in blood caused by bile and eyes pain caused by gas.

43. Natkhand: Mix mother milk and a decoction of Indian berberry together to make the collyrium and apply its collyrium in eyes, it provides relief in Natkhand.

44. Dry cough: Boil 10 grams powder of Indian gooseberry with one glass of milk. Taking this mixture on empty stomach in the morning and lukewarm mixture sleeping time at night cures dry cough.

45. Night blindness: One should drink 250 ml lukewarm milk mixed with 20 ml pure ghee regularly. Alternatively take 25 grams sugar-candy mixed with butter. Or take 250 ml boiled milk with four dried date palm. Above experiments are useful to end headache caused by weakness. It also provides relief in night blindness.

46. Fear from light:

  • Dripping fresh (streamline) milk of buffalo in the eyes is beneficial to get relief in fear disease.
  • Dripping mother milk in the eyes drop by drop is useful to cure the different diseases of eyes.

47. Gastric Ulcer:

  • The patient of ulcer should take milk again and again, but should not take food, and should take pomegranate juice and Indian Gooseberry jam. It provides benefit.
  • One should take boiled milk at an interval of 2-2 hours a day. Keep attention; do not take this medicine in case of blood vomiting.

48. Iritis (Uptaara):

  • Dripping mother milk in the eyes is useful to cure iritis.
  • Dripping buffalo milk in the eye is beneficial to end eye redness, eyes swelling and eye pain.

49. Constipation:

  • Boil 250 ml cow milk, 250 ml water and five pieces black peppers with water until burn water completely, put down and filter it. Add sugar-candy in this mixture and give this mixture to the patient. It ends stomach gas troubles and constipation.
  • Taking lukewarm milk with spogel seed husk or gulkanda clears stomach properly. It should be also given to piles patient. Rubbing with cow milk on the soles is useful to get relief in the piles.
  • Taking milk with ghee eliminates constipation.
  • The milk mixed with ghee or dried grape can be used to end stomach gas troubles.
  • Take two spoons rose gulkand or Spogel seed’s husk with lukewarm milk consequently, stomach clears properly in the morning.
  • 250 ml milk mixed with four spoons of spogel seed’s husk should be taken to eliminate constipation.
  • Taking 20 grams spogel seeds with milk before thirty minutes of sleeping at night eliminates constipation.

50. Over Eating:

  • Taking buffalo milk mixed with ghee is useful to normalize appetite.
  • A dish of rice boiled in milk (kheer) should be taken with chiretta seeds to normalize appetite.
  • Take 125 to 250 ml milk of mudar four times a day and at night, it prevents loose-motion.

51. Stomach gas: Mix milk, five pieces of adad pipal and a little quantity of sugar together. Taking this mixture is useful to eliminate stomach gas trouble.

52. Sterility Symptoms: Soak a cotton piece in raw (streamline) milk then put in the vagina mouth when the stomach is empty. If one feels milk’s perfume from mouth, should understand that the woman is not sterility.

53. Amoebic dysentery: Boil 100 ml milk and nut-grass with 300 ml water until remain only milk then put down. Taking this mixture is useful to get relief in amoebic dysentery.

54. Ear pain:

  • Mix 200 ml milk of nanny goat and 25 grams pulp of raw beel and make the powder. Mix prepared powder with 40 ml nanny goat urine and 100 ml mustard oil. Cook finely this mixture. Dripping some drops of its preparation in the ear is useful to end ear pus, ear pain and deafness.
  • Mix milk and extract of hujuj with mother milk and drip its drops in the ear. It ends chronic ear pain or ear pus.
  • Mix 500 ml lukewarm milk of cow with 20 ml cow ghee and use this mixture regularly for three days. It eliminates ear pain.
  • Dripping 2-3 drops of mother milk in the ear regularly is useful in ear pain and ear wound.
  • Dripping nanny goat milk in the ear is beneficial to end ear pain.

55. Hiccups:

  • Quaffing lukewarm milk is useful to prevent hiccups.
  • Taking slightly lukewarm cow milk is useful to get relief in hiccup.
  • Taking ewe milk prevents hiccup.

56. Stammering: Mix 10 ml milk and 250 grams black pepper powder together. Taking 2 grams this mixture with butter twice a day is useful to end stammering.

57. Piles: Squeeze lemon in fresh milk of cow and take it. In this way, the disease named piles is cured by doing this for 5 to 6 days.  

58. Amoebic dysentery and bloody dysentery: Mix 125 ml nanny goat milk, 250 ml water and 10 grams beel fruit’s seeds together. Boil this mixture until remain only milk then filter and add sugar-candy. Prepared medicine can be used to prevent amoebic dysentery and bloody dysentery.

59. Easy Delivery: Pregnant should take 250 ml cow milk with water for easy delivery.

60. Over thirst:

  • Taking milk is useful to quench over thirst caused by weakness.
  • 100 to 500 ml fresh milk can be used according to capacity to quench thirst.

61. Dropsy: Taking milk of goat or cow as fragment thrice a day regularly 2-3 months is useful to get relief in dropsy.

62. Stomach wound: Taking milk is useful to end stomach wound.

63. Obesity: Eating bread soaked in milk is useful to make the body fat.

64. Bed wetting: Grind the seeds of one dried grape with milk and give to the patient at sleeping time. It is useful to stop bed wetting.

65. Insomnia:

  • 50 grams condensed milk should be taken at sleeping time for deep sleep.
  • Taking one glass of milk with one spoon of ghee sleeping time at night provides deep sleep.

66. Gas disorders: Mix ewe milk and castor oil together and rub with it. It eliminates knee’s pain and backache and feet pain caused by gas. One should rub with lukewarm oil and after that tie the leaves of pipal, castor or mudar. Massaging is also useful to eliminate pain.

67. Colic pain: Taking lukewarm milk mixed with castor oil or powder of myrobalan (Harar) is useful to get relief in olic pain.

68. Dullness, Nervousness:

  • Taking milk, fruit and biscuit in the breakfast ends the mentally disorders.
  • One should take milk, green vegetables, Salad and sprouted grain in the dinner to end mentally depression and other problems.

69. Finger cramping: Grind four buds of garlic and then boil with milk. Add castor oil in this mixture and give to the patient sleeping time at night regularly. It provides relief in finger cramping.

70. Senselessness:

  • Dripping mother milk in the patient nose breaks unconscious.
  • Grind about 250 ml cow milk, six grams winter cherry Nagouri and six grams Asparagus (Shatawari) together. Boil this mixture with 250 ml water until burn water then put down and add sugar-candy. Taking prepared medicine regularly one week ends senselessness caused by hysteria.

71. Stomachache:

  • Cook Panchmool medicine with milk. Taking it provides relief in pain caused by gas disorders.
  • Mix cow milk or urine with pure and clean castor oil. Taking this mixture is useful to make the stomach clean and causes loose-motion. It also provides relief in pain.

72. Eczema: Mix 3 to 6 grams Mahatikta ghee with milk. Taking it twice a day regularly is useful to cure all the diseases of the skin.

73. Brain worms: Taking milk mixed with 50 ml juice of Indian penivert (Brahmi) thrice a day is beneficial to cure brain diseases and make the memory strong.

74. Rheumatism:

  • Take ten grams cow hage (Kewanch) seeds with milk or curd regular for fourteen days, it ends knee pain.
  • Boil 250 grams fenugreek seeds and one gram yellow zedoary (Aambahaldi) with ewe milk and make tablets as the shape of lead ball. Dry prepared tablets and give one tablets with pudding (Halwa) to the patient. It is useful to end knee pain.
  • Mix milk or puffed sugar cake and 10-15 drops of Aphsanteen oil together. This mixture can be used twice a day to cure rheumatism.
  • Taking castor oil with milk at sleeping time is beneficial to get relief in constipation caused by rheumatism.
  • Taking four buds of garlic boiled with milk is useful to get relief in joints pain.

75. Cracked face: If the face becomes dry and losses sheen in winter, mix raw milk with lemon juice and apply on the face by a cotton piece. Wash the face with clean water after some time. It makes the face beautiful and charming.

76. Fast heartbeat: Mix one glass of hot milk with sugar-candy or honey according to taste. Add 10 immersed raisins in water and then dry and after that grind this mixture to make the powder. Take this powder regularly for 40 days, it makes the heartbeat normal and provides power to the body.

77. High blood pressure: Taking milk, almond, pistachio, cashew, walnut, apple, papaya, fig and others are useful to make the blood pressure normal.

78. Hands and feet callosites: If someone has been suffering from any stroke (Thek) in hands and feet, mix Aakhade milk with jaggery and tie this mixture on the callosities, it provides quick relief.

79. Itching and scabies: One should rub milk mixed with water over the body by a cotton piece, afterwards take bathe. It is useful to end itching and scabies.

80. Heart diseases: Cow milk and ghee are useful for heart patient. One should take it regularly with food.

81. Erysipelas: Heat cow urine, cow-dung and cow milk and apply any one on the affected, it provides relief in erysipelas.

82. Hysteria: Mix fresh milk, sugar-candy or honey and 10 pieces of soaked raisins in water together. Taking this mixture regularly for 40 days is beneficial to get relief in hysteria.

83. Low blood pressure: Taking milk, curd and ghee in suitable quantity regularly is useful to make the blood pressure normal.

84. Jaundice:

  • Mix 250 ml cow milk with two grams dry ginger. This mixture can be used twice a day to cure jaundice. One should take milk and bread in meal.
  • The milk (cream-free) is also useful in jaundice.

85. Ribs pain: Boil milk with five basil leaves and cloves. Prepared medicine should be given to child to make the chest strong. It also provides relief in ribs pain.

86. Elephantiasis: If the patient of elephantiasis feels fever, immerse 10 grams Indian Aconite (Bachhnag) and white chilly with 150 ml milk. Change the milk at an interval of every 24 hours. After three days, grind ginger juice and Indian Aconite together and make 1/3 gram of tablets. Taking one tablet thrice a day regularly cures fever.

87. Insanity: One should take 250 ml cow milk with powder of two red Ghunghchi everyday for some days. It ends insanity caused by phlegm.

88. For lips safety: Soak some leaves of rose flower in a little quantity of milk. Grind these leaves after some time. The milk will turn in light pink color and then grind this mixture with almond and makes thick paste. After that, keeps it in freeze.  One should apply this mixture on the lips for few moments and then should make clean with the helps of wet cotton. Using this experiment regularly makes the lips soft and red.

89. Body cramping: Cook 10 ml cow ghee with 40 ml milk. After that, mix 3-6 grams powder of winter cherry Nagouri in it and take this medicine twice a day regularly. It prevents the body cramping. 

90. Leprosy: Taking Brazvalli equal of thum nail with milk everyday for twenty one days is useful to cure all the types of leprosy.

91. Headache:

  • Taking Jalebi with milk is useful to ends headache within some days.
  • The milk mixed with loaf-sugar should be inhaled by the nose to cure migraine.
  • Pouring cold milk mixed with cold water over the head is beneficial to cure ‘Shankhak’ named head disease.
  • Boil milk and loaf-sugar with water and smell its steam, it provides quick relief in headache.
  • Rubbing with nanny goat butter on the head is useful to end headache caused by warmth.
  • Mix sugar-candy mixed milk, pure milk, coconut water, cold water or ghee together. Inhaling prepared mixture by the nose cures migraine.

92. Anaemia (Lack of blood):

  • Eating one Indian gooseberry with milk regularly is useful to end lack of blood.
  • Taking one glass of cow milk mixed with 20-25 grams pulp of ripen mango before the meal is useful to end anemia.

93. Cracked and dry lips: If someone has been suffering from cracked and dry lips caused by winter, mix half spoon cream of milk with one pinch turmeric powder. After that, rub with this mixture on the lips. It makes the lips smooth and oily. 

94. Soft and shiny skin: Rubbing with milk cream on the skin makes the skin smooth and soft. If one wants to protect from the bad effects of sunlight and burning sensation, should rub milk cream mixed with rose water on the skin. Rubbing with milk cream and honey is also useful for the skin.

95. Chordee (Lingodrek):

  • Four 4 litres water mixed with one litre milk should be given to the patient in a day to get relief in excited penis.
  • Taking lukewarm water or milk with 3-6 grams powder of chop Chinyadi regularly is useful to decrease excited penis.

96. Soft and fresh skin: Boil Shell lac (lakh) with milk, or fry with ghee and after that fry this mixture with three grams honey. Prepared medicine can be used twice a day regularly to make the skin charming. Using this experiment regularly for some months removes mouth pimples also.

97. Weak memory: One should take milk mixed with almond on empty stomach in the morning. Don’t eat anything after two hours of taking medicine. One can also drink it to cure migraine.

98. Scrofula: Mix about 12.5 ml lime water with milk. Prepared medicine should be taken to cure scrofula.

99. To make the body strong:

  • Mix 500 ml milk, 10 ml honey and one egg together. One should take this mixture in the morning and after that should sleep for some time. Using this experiment regular for 40 days increases blood quantity. It increases strength in the body. Taking its over quantity may be harmful for health.
  • Mix hot milk, sugar-candy, honey and ghee together. Taking this mixture makes the body strong and increases body strength.
  • Soak two dried date palms in milk. This mixture can be used regularly to develop body power.
  • Taking milk with honey is useful to increase body power and sperm count.
  • Boil 4-5 flowers leaves (Pankhudi) of saffron with 250 ml milk. Add sugar-candy in prepared mixture and give to the patient twice a day. It increases the body strength. Besides, it protects from winter and keeps the body fresh. It clears to the body and ends coolness of hands and feet.

100. Children navel swelling: Burn a soil-piece in fire after that cool it in milk. Thereafter, fomenting child navel with this soil-piece is useful to end navel swelling.