Migraine or sick-headache



It is a kind of headache due to which pain goes on occurring in the half section of the head and related with liver. So, it begins with nauseate and vomiting. The affect of this pain starts from head and is moved to one side of the head. When migraine occurs in a person, he feels violent pain in the head that is occasionally become unbearable. He feels pain by touching the head, but feels relief by pressing it. The patient suffering from this disease is not able to bear light or loud voices and wants to live in a dark room. The affect of this pain persists for few hours or for 1-2 days. Darkness is covered (spread) before the eyes (the vision is blurred). Mostly, this disease occurs in fair sex especially in the beginning of her menses. Vomiting also occurs in this disease, because nature wants to throw out bile from the body. This disease can occur once in a fortnight or one and half month or once in 3 months. When this disease occurs, slight pain starts in the patient’s head with worse feeling and restlessness.  

In the condition of this disease, pain occurs in the half section of the head with disordering of the rectum or nerves. It occurs in fair sex (women) more than men. It can also hereditary.  

The reasons of migraine are as follow:-

  1. This disease can occur due to doing mental work.
  2. It can also occur due to taking stimulants like- chocolate, cheese, red wine, etc.
  3. In the case of women, it occurs due to suppressed menses.
  4. It can also occur due to over fast.
  5. This disease also occurs due to taking excess contraceptic peels.
  6. It occurs due to working hard more than his ability.
  7. When weakness occurs in the body due to excess sexual intercourse, migraine can occur.
  8. It occurs due to taking cold meals everyday.
  9. It can occur due to wandering much in the sun.
  10. Migraine occurs due to working late night, study for a long time, insomnia, etc.
  11. It can occur due bright light and dazzling.
  12. It can hereditary also that goes on continuing generation to generation. 

Other treatment:-

  1. The migraine patient should sleep in a room after switch off the light.
  2. He should take liquid diet.
  3. A piece of cloth should be put on the forehead after immersing it in hot water for providing some relief to the patient or put poltice of hot mustard oil below the neck and on the back.
  4. The patient suffering from migraine should never use drug mixed with Opium or julav for getting relief from pain, because it can harm.
  5. To protect himself from this disease, first of all, avoid tension and mental worry ness.
  6. Food should be taken at a proper time and avoid hard working.
  7. Yoga and some regular exercise are beneficial to decreased tension.
  8. Dark coloured glass and umbrella should be used while going outside in the sun if necessary. 3-4 glasses of cold water should be drunk just after starting headache and should take rest in a dark room after putting cold bandage on the forehead.
  9. Do not take intoxicate for getting relief from pain.
  10. Pain killer (medicines) should not be used to cure headache.
  11. He can protect himself from migraine by taking regular exercise.

For reading tips click below links     Treatment of this disease by following drugs:
1.     Chionanthus-


    • Well, it is a principal drug for curing liver disease. 2-4 dosages of the mother tincture or 1 potency of this drug should be taken continuously for several weeks.
    • If the patient suffering from this disease feels milk pain in his head that affects on the area above the eyes and fast pain occurs in the eyes balls, feels heaviness in the root of the nose, pain is aggravating by bowing, the symptoms of disease are aggravating by moving his hands and legs, this drug is very useful for the treatment of such symptoms.
    • In the beginning of menses, if woman feels migraine with the symptoms related to bile, taking Chionanthus is very useful.
    2.     Sanguinaria:-


      • If the patient feels pain much in the right side of the head and the symptoms of disease are aggravating due to sun heat, few drops of the mother tincture of Sanguinaria should be used.
      • If pain is occurring in the half section of the head and the symptoms of disease is aggravating due to sun heat the few drops of this drug should be used for the treatment.
      • If pain has occurred in the head and feeling as if the affects of pain move upwards, pain persists on the area above the right eye, this drug is very useful to cure such symtpos.
      • Sanguinaria 3x or 200 can be also used to cure migraine.
      • If migraine is occurring in the 7th day of stopping menses, this drug is very useful for the treatment of such symptoms.
      3.     Kali bicrome-

      Kali bicrome-

        Pain occurs in one side to the patient head and its affects persist on small sections of the head. This type of pain occurs in the head due to suppression of catarrh. The affects of this pain also present in the forehead and the section above the eyes, above the eyebrow due to thickening of fibers. Before headache, the eyes dazzle. Thus, using Kali bicrome 3 or 30 is beneficial for the treatment of such symptoms.
        4.     Natrum-mur:-


          • The patient feels pain in the half section of the head as if it will crack in to two halves. After getting up in the morning, patient feels pain as if thousands of small hammers are hitting on the brain. This type of pain occurs in the woman after menses. The affect of this pain persists from sunrise to sunset. Thus, taking Ntrum-mur 12 or 30 is beneficial for the treatment of such patient.
          • Small girls who are too weak with lack of blood in their body, when such girls come back from the school, they feel pain in the head or if their disease become chronic, pain occurs in one side of the head with nauseate and vomiting, if pain is occurring at a certain time, for the treatment of such patient, Natrum-mur is very useful.
          • If swelling has occurred in the sinus with headache, for the treatment of it, Natrum-mur should be taken.
          5.     Natrum-sulph:-


            • Natrum-sulph is very useful for curing liver disease. If migraine has occurred in the rainy season, due to damp, by eating vegetables growing around water, eating fish with the following symptoms like- pain is occurring in the head with migraine, Natrum-sulph 12x can be used to cure.
            • If migraine occurred due to skin disease or living in damp places in every spring season with pain like scratch in the temple, Natrum-sulph is very useful to cure such symptoms of the patient.
            6.     Onosmodium-


              When the patient gets up in the morning, he feels pain in his head and forehead especially in the left side of the head, pain occurs in the temples and the bone behind the ear, feeling heaviness on the eyes or headache due to weakness of the body, taking Onosmodium 30 is beneficial. The patient has also following symptoms like- excess weakness, lack of sexual power.
              7. Psorium:-


                • In the condition of migraine, if suffered patient wakes up at night as if someone has hit his head, using Psorium 200 is very effective to cure such symptoms.
                • If this disease becomes chronic with following symptoms like- patient feels hungry due to headache, he feels pain as if someone hit his head with a hammer, he is cold natured, he should wrap his body with warm clothes even in the summer season, using Psorium is beneficial to cure disease of the patient.
                8. Silicea-


                  If pain starts from the head and is moved to section above the eyes; the patient suffering from such symptoms gets some relief when he wrap his with warm clothe, taking Silicea 30 is beneficial for the treatment of this disease of the patient. While using this drug, it should be considered the following symptoms like- coming back the symptoms of disease time to time, headache, stiffness, forming pus in the throat, attack of fit, appearing boils and pimples, etc. such types of symptoms occurring again and again after curing. The patient is cold natured and like to sit near the fire, wants to wrap his body with warm clothes, he does not tolerate cold air, hands and legs remain cold, the symptoms of disease is aggravated in the winter season.
                  9. Thuja-


                    Thuja 6 or 200 should be used for the treatment of migraine.
                    10. Salisilate of soda-

                    Salisilate of soda-

                      For the treatment of the patient suffering from migraine, Salisilate of soda 20 or 30 should be used.
                      11. Robina:-


                        • If migraine has occurred due to producing additional acid in the stomach with vomiting of acidic substances, slight pain occurs in the front part of the head, aggravating the symptoms of disease by doing writing and reading work, pain like throbbing, etc., to cure such symptoms of the patient, Robina 3 should be used.
                        • If acid produces in the stomach due to migraine, treatment with this drug is very useful. Sour belches come in such patient, he suffers from acidic and pricking vomiting, etc., Robin should be used for curing such symptoms of the patient. This drug can has to take for a long time.
                        12. Sulphur-


                          If migraine patient feels pain at a certain time again and again, feeling heaviness in the temples, feels as if a heavy weight has to kept on the head, pressure is feeling in the head, for the treatment of it, Sulphur 30 can be used.
                          13. Punas-Spinosa-


                            To cure migraine, taking Punas-Spinosa 3 or 6 is very useful. The following drugs can be also used for the treatment of migraine like- Veretrum-vir 3x, Ipecac 30, Duboisin 3x, Atropin 3x or 30, Striknia 30, Cannabis-Indica 3x or the powder of Hyosiamin-hydrobometum 6x, etc.