Mezereum is the great remedy in the cases of pain in many parts of the body, several flecks of the skin, scratching, flecks like spots and various diseases of the skin

Useful in various symptoms:

Symptoms related to external organs of the body:

Mezereum should be used in the cases of pain in the big bones of the body and pain of the thighs, the patient gets relief from pain by heat and warmth.

Tooth related symptoms:

Mezereum is used for curing toothache that ameliorates by fomenting.

Face related symptoms:

Mezereum is an excellent remedy in the cases of pain on the facial nerves and feeling of pain due to eating food or moving the jaw, this pain ameliorates by heat and warmth. 

Nose related symptoms:

Mezereum is very useful remedy for curing nose pimples along with scratched skin, coats inside the nose and ringworms like flecks.