Method of preparing camphor cream

Method of preparing camphor cream

How to prepare camphor cream:

         Mix 25 grams camphor and equal quantity of pure wax in one cup of sesame oil in a vessel. Heat this mixture until everything gets dissolved properly. Fill this preparation into a bottle and apply on the skin regularly.

  • Wash off your hands properly and apply this camphor cream on the hands at night before going to bed.
  • Sometimes, swelling comes on the hands in winter season. For it, mix salt in water and keep hands in this water for ten minutes. Thereafter, mop hands with clean towel. Then mix one drop glycerin in one small spoon milk and rub on the hands. Wash off hands after 15 minutes.
  • Apply oil on the hands before cutting vegetables if you want to keep your hands safe. None has so much time in this busy life of modern world that one may pay too much attention only for hands. But you can make your hands beautiful by giving attention on the beauty of hands once in a week.


  • Remove your nail polish painted on the nails with the help of remover. Thereafter, give the shape of ‘u’ to the nails with the help of nail filer.
  • Cleanse your nails by drenching your hands and nails in soap mixed water. Nails can be cleaned with the help of hand brush too.
  • Wrap a little cotton on the stick of wood and apply cream on surface of the nails by pressing the cuticles backwardly. 
  • Massage damaged cuticle and the region around the nails with any massage cream. A new glow comes in the nails if it is done for four months regularly.
  • Massage both sides of each finger by taking any moisturizing cream in the palms whenever you have time.
  • Clean the dirt present around the cuticle and inside the nail with the help of cuticle stick’s sharp point.
  • Apply base coat on the nails to bring glow on the dry and rough nails.
  • Apply colored nail polish first light layer in three strokes. Apply nail polish from below to the middle portion of nails. Then, apply once on each side.
  • Apply hand cream till the elbows and take rest for sometime by sitting so that cream may get enter into the skin. If cream has been applied on the nail, it should be removed with the help of cotton wad. If there is nail polish on the nails, you cannot apply nail polish on your nails properly. 
  • Nails start to glow with the use of buffing. Apply French choke on the nails before buffing. Apply buffing on the nails only in one direction. Thereafter, buff each nail for 15-20 seconds. Buffing should not be done regularly.