Metabolism of fat

Metabolism of fat


         Fats get disintegrated fatty acids and glycerol by the lipase and pancreatic juice as they reach into the digestive tract. These substances are absorbed by the villi in the small intestines and then they reach in the lacteals and mingle in their lymph. From this place, they reach into the blood circulation by the thoracic duct of lymphatic system and then they reach into the liver by the portal vein. Fatty acids and glycerol circulated in the blood get enter into each cell of the body are used for providing energy by the organs and glands and in the synthesis of their some secretions. Some fatty acids and glycerol reached in the liver are used for providing energy and heat and desaturation of the rest of fatty acids gets complete after the oxidation.

          Desaturated fat gathers into the internal tissues. There is an oxidation process in the tissues consequently energy and heat originate and carbon dioxide and water originate too. Energy is necessary for physical works; the heat keeps the body temperature normal and the carbon dioxide and water are expelled out from the body through the lungs, skin and kidneys. The remaining portion of the fat of which the body has no need gathers in fatty tissues. 

     If protein and carbohydrates are taken on large scale beside the fatty meal, the fat gathers into the fatty tissues by synthesizing.

     In the intercity process of metabolism of fat, glycerol changes into glycogen easily and fatty acid gets oxidized consequently the carbon dioxide and water are excreted in the form of waste material. If the oxidation remains incomplete, there is an origin of ketone bodies in which Acetoacetic acid, B-hydroxybutyric acid and acetone remain present. Process of the production of ketone bodies is called ketogenesis. These ketone bodies are excreted too through urine and breathing. In the lack of sufficient quantity of carbohydrates for the metabolism (during fast) or after taking fatty food, the metabolism gets increased and the result of it is that ketone bodies originate on large scale in the body and gathers in the blood. This condition is called ketosis and it can be the cause of death too.