Merits of Vipust

Vipust is an herbal diet to make you strong

Merits of Vipust



1. Using Vipust increases the physical and mental growth of children. Therefore, give Vipust to children for growth properly.

2. The man, who has suffering form weakness, faded face and dark circle under eyes feels himself worthless before other persons. Vipust makes such patient stronger and provides glow on the face and removes dark circle under eyes and along with having increased his confidence makes him fit to go before other persons.

3. Vipust makes teeny girls to women beautiful. Their personality becomes increased by using it. 

4. Vipust is beneficial (boon) for adult persons. Such persons also get young age by using it.

5. Presence of toxins in the body is the cause behind the origin of all the diseases. Vipust brings the toxins out from each corner of the body and makes the body healthy.    

6. Vipust is a nutritive product which not only enhances the resistance power of the body but also cures several diseases of the body.  

7. According to Ayurveda, disorder in Vata, Pitta and Kapha is the cause behind all the diseases of the body. Its use balances the level of Vata, Pitta and Kapha in the body. Thus, the disorders of the body disappear from the body and the body remains far from those diseases which take birth because of the disturbance in Vata, Pitta and Kapha. It strengthens all seven kinds of Dhatus of the body and cures six kinds of spermatorrhea related disease too.  

8. Vipust is a herbal product and it can be taken as the supplement of breakfast in regular diet too.

9. The use of Vipust ends mental tiredness and neural weakness. So, Vipust must be taken by those people who do excessive mental work.  

10. Vipust provides relief in all kinds of sex problems as spermatorrhoea, nightfall, premature ejaculation, etc. this product brings lost manly power back and keeps the body fit and fine in old age.

11. Besides it, Vipust oil should be used in such problems as joint problems, sprain and sex problem too. A person gets quick relief in such problems.