Mercurius cyanatus



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Mercurius cyanatus is used for curing diphtheria. It is a disease that can become the cause of patient's death. 

Mercurius cyanatus is the great remedy for curing testicles inflammation, pneumonia and chronic problems of infection.

Mercurius cyanatus drug should be taken for curing problems of intensive depression, bleeding from many parts of the body which is black and blue, fast pulsation of the heart, difficulty while inhaling, food particles coming with urine, muscles stiffness along with jolts and intermittent fever. The patient who has above symptoms also suffers from other symptoms after doing much work like- intensive dyspnea, excessive sweating from the body and paralysis effects in the pulmonary artery.  

Mercurius cyanatus medicine is very useful for those persons who suffer from throat diseases caused by much speaking or singing songs.

Useful in various symptoms:

Head related symptoms:

Mercurius cyanatus drug is used for checking problems of excessive excitement, anger, over speaking, headache, facial yellowness and pressing down the eyes inwards.

Mouth related symptoms:

Mercurius cyanatus drug should be used in the cases of wounds inside the mouth, yellow coat on the tongue, excessive saliva from the mouth, offensive breathing, astrijent taste, pain along with swelling of red glands and brown blisters with mouth wounds. It provides quick relief from above symptoms. 

Throat related symptoms:

Mercurius cyanatus is the great remedy in the cases of intensive pain inside the throat along with feeling of throat softness, coldness of the mucous membranes, wounds of the mucous membranes, throat irritation, seeming of raw spots inside the throat, troubles by negotiation, wounds insides the throat and throat palate, difficulty while speaking and swallowing something, black bleeding from the nose and diphtheria of the nose and larynx. It provides complete relief from above symptoms quickly.

Stomach related symptoms:

Mercurius cyanatus medicine can be used for curing problems of vomiting, retching, hiccup, stomachache, bile warmth and feeling of pressure inside the stomach.

Symptoms related to the anus:

Mercurius cyanatus is an excellent remedy in the cases of intensive pain of the anus, redness around the anus, anus swelling, frequent bleeding from the anus, spasm around the anus, severe offensive smell from the anus and black motions.

Urinary related symptoms:

Mercurius cyanatus is very useful medicine in the cases of wounds near the penis along with pain, coming food particles with urine, testicles inflammation, retention of urine and excessive weakness of the body.

Symptoms related to skin diseases:

Mercurius cyanatus medicine is used for checking problems of body weakness, diphtheria of the throat and coldness of the body skin like ice in dry weather.

Symptoms related to whopping cough:

Mercurius cyanatus drug should be used for curing whopping cough due to appearing mucous membrane in the mouth.


These symptoms aggravate by swallowing something, talking and speaking.


These symptoms ameliorate by using hot.


Some properties of Carbo-Vegetabilis, Kali Phosphoricum, Lachesis, Muriaticum-Acidum., Phosphorus, Baptisia, Ars, etc. can be compared with Mercurius cyanatus.


6th to 30th potency of Mercurius cyanatus should be used for curing symptoms of diseases.


There is possibility of aggravating the symptoms of disease by taking lower potencies than 6th.