Mephitis is used for curing whooping cough. 1x to 3x dilution of Mephitis should be taken for curing whooping cough.

Mephitis is the great remedy for curing problems of asthma attack, intensive cough with feeling as if the patient is about to die and feeling of suffocation.

Mephitis is an excellent remedy for curing child diseases like- redness or blueness of the face, difficulty in respiration and secretion of mucous saliva from the upper portion of the chest.

Useful in different symptoms: 

Mind related symptoms:

Mephitis drug should be used for curing problems of stimulated mind, redness and blueness of the face or asthma, whooping cough and inability to do work and sleeping due to diseases.

Eyes-related symptoms:

Mephitis can be used in the cases of eyes pain caused by working hard, glaucoma and difficulty in understanding the characters. It provides quick relief from above symptoms.  

Mouth related symptoms:

Mephitis is a beneficial remedy for checking the problems of toothache, teeth shock and tongue taste as if the patient has eaten onion.  

Mephitis is used for curing problems of whopping cough, attacks aggravate at night and ameliorate in the day, vomiting after taking meal, cough that aggravates by talking and at night, chest pain and feeling of softness.

Sleep related symptoms:

The patient feels sleeplessness at night and with it, he also suffers from whooping cough which aggravates at night. Mephitis drug should be given to the suffered patient for curing above symptoms.


Some properties of Coreli, Sticta and Drosera medicines can be compared with Mephitis.


1st to 3rd potency of Mephitis should be taken for curing above symptoms. Its action period is less.