Menthol is prepared from Mentha oil. This medicine acts on the mucous membranes of the nasal ducts and membranes of the spinal nerves by that crop of, neuralgic pain and numbness are cured. Menthol is used in the cases of intensive catarrh, discharge of pus from the ear tubes, throat swelling, larynx swelling and neuralgic pain. It provides relief from above symptoms quickly. This medicine is also used for curing itching.

Useful in various symptoms: 

Head related symptoms:

Menthol is an excellent remedy in the cases of forehead pain that moves in the whole head, pain in the region below eyeballs, mental problems, pain in the upper portion of the left eye, numbness along with pain of the face, sometimes cold and catarrh, discharge of mucous from inside of the nose, feeling of nose coldness, strange sound in the ears and deafness. It provides complete relief in above symptoms.   

Symptoms related to the respiratory systems:

Menthol should be used in the cases of heart pain as if someone has stabbed dagger into the heart and effect of this pain is moved in the whole chest slowly, feeling of throat tickling, cough repetition which aggravation by smoking, breathing like the patient of asthma and headache caused by fast circulation of blood in the head. This medicine provides quick relief from above symptoms.    

Symptoms related to the external organs of the body:

Menthol is a beneficial remedy in the cases of pain of the neck muscles and pain of the back muscles.


Some properties of Kali-Bichromicum and Spongia can be compared with Menthol. 


6th potency of Menthol should be used. 10 percent mixture or ointment of Menthol should be used locally (externally) for curing itching.