Mental weakness


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Mental tension, shocking, night vigil, weakness, loss of too much semen, anxiety, too much indulgence in sexual relation or having too much lust become the cause of mental weakness.

For reading tips click below links      Treatment of this disease by following drugs:
1.     Aethusa-


    Aethusa is also very useful to cure mental weakness of the students. The patient’s mind becomes as tired as that decreasing of thinking power; does not able to concentrate on any topic. Thus, Aethusa 3 or 30 can be used to cure such symptoms of the patient.
    2.     Acid-picric-


      If the patient has suffered from sadness or lack of desire for doing any work with mental tiredness, using Acid-picric 2x is beneficial for the treatment of such symptoms.
      3.     Zinc-picric-


        If the patient’s mind does not work properly with weak memory, 3x potency of this drug should be used for its treatment.
        4.     Acid-phos:-


          • This drug is very effective to cure mental weakness. First of all, mental weakness starts in the patient and then physical weakness starts. The patient who starts growing quickly, the affects of physical and mental labour seems on them due to fast growing that generates mental weakness in them. Thus, using Acid phos 1x or 2x at an interval of every 4-4 hours is very effective to cure the disease of such patients.
          • Mostly this disease occurs in those peoples who become weaker due to suffered from several types of diseases or becomes hopeless due to shock and anxiety or due to emission, etc. thus, Acid phos is very useful to cure such patient.
          5.     Anacardium:-


            • If mental weakness occurs in the patient; memory power is also lost; mental tiredness also starts. Thus, for the treatment of it, Anacardium 6 or 200 is used.
            • This drug should be also used for the treatment of this type of mental weakness occurring in an old person.
            • All the organs of the patient become relaxed, but when he takes meals, all types of problems are cured. He feels like dot in several organs of the body especially in the head, anus, eyes and in the urinary bladder. Thus, using Anacardium is very effective to cure such symptoms of the patient.
            6.     Calca-phos-


              If mental weakness has occurred by nervousness due to family problems or any type of irritable disease, the powder of Calca-phos 6x should be used for its treatment.
              7. Picric Acid:-

              Picric Acid:-

                • When the students study day and night for preparing their examination, mental tiredness occurs and due to which, he starts to afraid about getting fail in the examination, Picric Acid 3 should be used to cure this condition of the patient.
                • If the patient has an excitement about sexual intercourse with mental tiredness or if mental tiredness occurs due to doing hard mental work or mental tiredness occurs in the summer season, using Picric Acid is very effective to cure such symptoms of the patient.