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        The girl should not take decision immediately to make mother after marriage in little age. If menstruation does not start in women till 20 years, treatment should be done. Mostly, menstruation starts in 14-15 years in girls but giving baby birth in this condition is not good. 

Treatment by different medicines :

1. Purgative croton: Make the fine powder by grinding equal quantity of purgative croton, seeds of bitter gourd, peppers, jiggery, emetic nut, sura seeds and impure carbonate of potash together. Make wick from this powder with milk of milk hedge and put it in the vagina, it helps in menstruation. 

2. Staff tree: Grind leaves of staff tree, Indian kino, barilla and sweet flag with cold milk. Give this mixture to the woman; it causes menstruation.

3. Country mallow: Grind country mallow, liqourice, root of Indian mallow, banyan sprout, cobra saffron and bark of root of wild eggs plant (which flower is white) with milk thereafter  mix ghee and honey in it. Give this preparation to the woman for 15 days regularly; it causes menstruation. 

4. Shivlingi: Grind fine 40 grams shivlingi seeds, 40 grams dry grapes and 10 grams black peppers together thereafter prepare small tablets from it. Take 1-2 tablets with cow milk regularly; it ends menstruation disorders. Consequently, a beautiful boy takes birth.

5. Wilds eggs plant (which flower is white): Grind bark of wild eggs plant root, dhave flowers, banyan sprout and blue lotus with milk. Give this medicine to the woman, it cures sterility and starts menstruation. 

6. Albizzia lebbeck benth: Make a fine powder by grinding cople (soft leaves) of albizzia, lebbeck benth, cuttle fish bone, barbering, big cardamom and scindapsus officinalis together. Prepare a wick of this powder and put in the vagina, it starts menstruation.

7. Sesame: Make a decoction by boiling sesame, dry ginger, long pepper, clerodendron serratum and 3 years old jiggery with water. Menstruation is started by taking this decoction.

8. Honey: Mix pigeon stool with honey and give it to the woman; it starts menstruation and cures sterility.

9. Radish: Grind 2 grams radish seeds, 2 grams carrot seeds, Cyprus and one handful bark of neem together thereafter filter it. Take this medicine with lukewarm water thereafter drink milk. Use this process; it helps menstruation. 

10. Biskhapra grass: Boil this grass with water and gibe it to the woman to drink. It makes normal to the menstruation.

11. Lambs quarters: Boil 50 grams seeds of lambs quarters with about 500 ml water until 250 ml water remains then put it down. Take this decoction for 3 days regularly; it makes menstruation normal.   

12. Wild onion: Mix equal quantity of powder of wild onion root, small fennel and powder of seeds of prickly chalf flower together. Take half spoon this mixture with jiggery twice a day regularly; it is useful to make the menstruation normal.

13. White ash gourd: Take one glass juice of ash gourd before 15 days of menstruation regularly; it reduces hemorrhage in menstruation. 2 pieces of ash gourd should be taken after meals because it is useful.

14. Note: Ash gourd must not be taken in menstruation because it is very harmful for the women.

15. Bitter gourd: Mix powder of dry ginger, black peppers and long peppers with 10-15 milliliters juice of banana leaves. Give this mixture to the woman thrice a day; it purifies the menstruation.

16. Rose: If the woman has been suffering from hemorrhage in menstruation, one spoon gulakanda should be given to her twice a day before 20 days of menstruation.

17. Hogweed: Make a syrup or infusion of hogweed root and cotton plant root with water. Give it to the woman, it provides relief in disorders caused by uterus and menstruation.

18. Citron: Grind root of white mochrus and citron root with milk thereafter filter it with the help of cloth. Give this preparation to woman in beginning of menstruation till 4 days, it provides relief.

19. Peepal: Grind peepal and tamarind bark with water thereafter give it to woman to drink. It provides relief in disorders of menstruation.

20. Neem:

  • Cook 20 grams ground bark of neem, ground barley, 6 grams powder of carrot seeds, 6 grams seeds of bustard teak, 20 grams black sesame and 20 grams old jiggery with 300 ml water in any pot until 100 ml water remains then filter it. Give this decoction to woman for 7 days regularly; it makes menstruation normal. Keep attention that pregnant woman should not take it.
  • Boil 4 grams neem bark and 20 grams old jiggery with 300 ml water until 100 ml water remains then filter it. Give this decoction to woman; it starts menstruation.

21. Aniseed: Aniseed should be taken in the condition of excessive menstruation.

22. Varna seed: The woman who suffers from hemorrhage should take 40-60 milliliters decoction of varna seeds with 2 grams honey.

23. Salt: Mix 2 grams salt with water and give it to the woman thrice a day, it is useful for menstruation.

24. Soya-bean:

  • When menstruation starts in the woman, she feels excessive problems. The woman of menstruation suffers from bones weakness because of that antsy arthritis occurs in the woman. She suffers from knee pain because estrogen reduces in the body due to stopping menstruation. Soya-bean contains phyto-estrogen that works as above liquid, so soya-bean should be used for 3-4 months regularly to end all problems of the woman.     
  • The soya-bean provides good types of proteins to the women and provides relief in body swelling, heaviness, pain, waist pain and fatigue that occur before menstruation.